031 Alex Jones interview - The Cult Of Nick

I've been a fan of Alex Jones for as long as I can remember. The interview here makes that obvious. What's interesting is that I push him to speak about his religious beliefs as I believe that is crucial to understanding how his mindset works.

Many of the people who oppose the big brother state and further extensions of Government and bureaucratic power do so because they're coming from a spiritual perspective. Most arguments in favour of it see ideas such as ID chips, anti-terror laws and CCTV cameras as simply being "rational" solutions to many of the problems in our world. It is therefore interesting to note the "irrational" mindset of some of their fiercest critics.

I do not use the word "irrational" as a term of abuse here. I believe people are fundementally irrational. From a purely rational point of view there's no beauty in a flower and love is just a chemical reation in your brain. Rationalism reduces the world and in truth sells us all short. In short, rational explanations are useful but they do not encompass everything. The word is linked to measurement and these days I believe there really are some things which you will never be able to measure.


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