Additional post about the recent Royal tragedy

Some interesting comments on the news sites carrying the story about these DJs who are being blamed for a nurse's apparent suicide:

From The Daily Mail:

[...] I blame the Royal family, the delusion of 'importance' they create for themselves to maintain their position and power is a form of mental control and manipulation over the masses and people become sick with it. Still they will use the idiotic public outrage and loyalty to their advantage, because that is the game they play. WAKE UP people. If no one fell for the illusion this would never have happened.
notmorelies , cardiff, United Kingdom
To all the people on here who are mocking the fact that these DJs are upset and condemning them for their actions, do you not see the irony in what you are doing?? This nurse was so upset and embarrassed by what happened that she took her own life, which is absolutely tragic, but by continuing to make these two people feel responsible there is a danger that they could feel and do exactly the same. Please do not add to this tragedy. Rest in peace Jacinta and please let us let ALL others involved find some peace and comfort.


Janine said…
"suicide ONLY hurts people who care about you"

Well,this is demonstrably false. Otherwise you wouldn't get traumatised train drivers, would you? And these 2 DJs would not be having counselling, and the Duke & Duchess would not be "deeply saddened". And Chad Varah wouldn't have set up the Samaritans.

Has this author ever felt suicidal? Does he not realise that it is mostly not a rational mindset?
Nic W said…
Janine, I think if Nick meant intended to be understood to mean the above then the quote would be;

"suicide hurts ONLY people who care about you".

I think he is referring to the effect of suicide. Not whom it affects.

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