Amsterdam's Neo-Concentration Camps

"People (Germans) use to frighten their children, 'If you do not behave, you will surely end up at Dachau.'"
- Theodore Haas

As the European federalists continue trying ruthlessly to construct their would-be superstate, with unquestioning support from the "left wing" throughout the nation states involved, disturbing news emerges from Amsterdam. The Guardian reports:
the Dutch capital may lose its reputation for tolerance over plans to dispatch nuisance neighbours to "scum villages" made from shipping containers.
The mayor, Eberhard van der Laan, insists his controversial new £810,000 policy to tackle antisocial behaviour is to protect victims of abuse and homophobia from harassment.
The camps where antisocial tenants will be rehoused for three to six months have been called "scum villages" because the policy echoes proposals from Geert Wilders, the far-right populist, who last year demanded that "repeat offenders" be "sent to a village for scum".
But Bartho Boer, a spokesman for the mayor, denies that the plans are illiberal. "We want to defend the liberal values of Amsterdam," he says. "We want everyone to be who he and she is – whether they are gay and lesbian or stand up to violence and are then victims of harassment. We as a society want to defend them."
The last time a self declared "socialist" tried this kind of idea in Europe there were terrible consequences[1]. The echos of those camps, also designed to lock up "asocials," are entirely ignored by the left leaning Guardian. Furthermore the self-declared "left wing" and "socialist" Daily Mirror newspaper runs an opinion piece where their columnist, Carole Malone, can barely contain her excitment:
Dam good suggestion
[...] only when families have changed their ways will they be eligible for rehousing.And, as attractive as that sounds, it could never happen here [in the UK] because the human rights lobby would go ape.
And nuisance families, who frequently wreck decent people’s lives, bank on that. Which is why they know they can do whatever the hell they like as they’ll never have to face the consequences.
And while scum villages might sound harsh, I’m willing to bet that within six months nuisance families won’t exist in Amsterdam.
Hammering home the fact that the left wing is clearly being used to construct a terrifying new world in Europe often frustrates the debate but I believe it is essential. In my opinion neither the left wing nor the right wing provide any reasonable responses to many of the obvious dangers emerging on our collective horizon. However most of the so-called left seem almost blind to many of the problems they are bringing directly to our doorstep.

Adolf Hitler emerged from the left wing, as tyranny often does. His kind, once in power, are then preserved and protected by the right wing. These neo-concentration camps which are now being suggested in Europe make for a good example of this dynamic. They are being ushered in by the "left wing" Partij van de Arbeid and, once established, will likely be enthusiastically used and protected by the right.

I use the term "concentration camps" here in its specific sense[2]. A concentration camp is designed to do just that, put all the "undesirables" into one area. The plan in question is clearly modelled on Geert Wilders' suggestions reported here by Dutch News where he makes this point explicit:
‘Repeat offenders should be forcibly removed from their neighbourhood and sent to a village for scum,’ Wilders said. ‘They will then be put into converted containers as homes. If juveniles are involved, their families should be moved too. Put all the trash together.’ 
[My emphasis]

--------------------------  EDIT December 13th  --------------------------

The two comments below have, in my mind, become an essential part of this article so I was keen to reproduce them here. They make the point that the emphasis upon "liberal values" and protecting "gay and lesbian" people implies a target for these camps to some which simply hadn't occured to me. In this instance "Muslim immigrants" and "1st and 2nd generation Moroccan" people. It also emphasises that such ideas are inevitably going to be popular to many even though I might strongly disagree with them. Also, it's interesting to remember that people noted in 1933 that the camps at Dachau were comfortable and not in any way a "punishment".

I do find it odd that there's a kind of blind spot when it comes to the more simple tried and tested solution of enforcing the law and locking people up when they break it. As if that's out of the question, better to throw them into camps and concentrate their numbers into one area. 

Finally, I sincerely mean no personal offence to the contributors in question and thank you both for your thoughts and alternative opinion.

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This article is missing a few facts:

- Holland is a small, overpopulated country with a severe housing shortage. It's not unusual for families to live in a 1-bedroom home. There are already thousands of people who live in modified shipping containers, which are self-contained and quite comfortable. Being sent to live in a container village isn't some kind of cruel punishment.

- So-called 'nuisance families' are a HUGE problem in the Netherlands. Repeated physical and sexual assault, intimidation, extortion, burglaries etc,,, It just takes one of these families to make life a living hell for thousands of people. Nothing the police or legal system do works because a - sentences are too light, b - as soon as they are released from jail, they re-offend and c - while one family member is locked up, the rest of the family continue to terrorize the area.

- the Dutch are accepting of homosexuality and alternative lifestyles. Muslim immigrants (which are the vast majority of the 'nuisance families') are not. Gangs of 1st and 2nd generation Moroccan youths attack gay men and run them out of their homes. The irony about this is that some of these gay men are themselves immigrants who came to the Netherlands to escape homophobia in their own countries.

Andy Seatrees Millward

Good comment - this article is insulting, comparing this proposal to the Nazi camps. What a let down from a generally good news site.


[1] The National Socialist German Worker's Party started theirs in Dachau in 1933 and its intent was exactly the same: put all the scum together. Do not buy into the lie that Hitler was "right wing" in the sense we now understand it.

Further reading: Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg

[2] Concentration camps were initially distinct from the death camps which came later on in Europe's history.


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