The podcast seems to be working, don't go telling everyone.

Almost ten years ago I started doing a phone in show on Hallam FM in Sheffield. I remember me and my producer watching the dead switchboards as no one called in, night after night. Then, gradually, people started to get involved. That early period is always one of the most exciting as you start to find your audience but don't yet have to deal with the problems which come with mass appeal. It is because of these problems that my podcast is wilfully specific and not intended for a mainstream audience. I've started to think perhaps that will always be more trouble than it's worth. 

However, after a couple of months, it appears the podcast has now found a few hundred people who like it. To me this feels like a more exciting version of those early days when we first started getting calls in South Yorkshire all those years ago. 

If you're one of the ones who download it every week: thanks for doing so. Lets stick to the plan and only share it with the people you think will dig it.


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