033 Satanism, Survival, Smoking and poetry

On this week's podcast we have four pieces all in one. Firstly there's an interview with, The Head Of The Church Of Satan, Peter H Gilmore*. Secondly there's a chat with one of my favourite living poets Will Stopha. Then there's, Edward Muesch, a guy who survived a tsunami. And finally there's the secret to stopping smoking. Seriously, it worked for me, you read a book and then you will stop. It doesn't scare you, it just convinces you to stop. Listen to the end of the podcast to hear more.

Happy New Year &c


*In the event I find the un-edited version of this I'll whack it up straight away. Little annoying that this has a few early edits on it.

Check out this episode!


Charlie said…
Could not listen. No .mp3 link.
Nicholarse said…
How annoying! Sorry, maybe you can find it on the main pod site here: http://thecultofnick.libsyn.com/033-satanism-survival-smoking-and-poetry

If not the big Apple ITunes button should subscribe you if you're using ITunes.


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