036 The Sheldrake Sessions includes Sense of Being Stared At & Morphic Resonance

The implications of Rupert Sheldrake's work for occultists are obvious. The implications his ideas might have on science in the long term are huge. That he's not currently accepted as the orthodoxy is an irrelevance. The older you get the more you notice that science shifts in its opinions just as people do. This is partly why I drop in my little essay at the end. Paradigms and ways of thinking are not written onto stone tablets anymore.

If you enjoy the end bit of the podcast you might like an earlier episode called "The Awakening". Have a little look back, it comes just after the Alan Moore interview.



The music you can hear in the background on some of this podcast is from

Liam Keery - Eclipse

Have a look, it's good stuff.

Check out this episode!


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