Is this an interview that will end Tarantino's relationship with The BBC?

An extraordinary interview with the public service broadcaster Channel 4 surfaced a few days ago. 

Reporter Krishnan Guru-Murthy holds Tarantino to account on the content of his films and faces a bold explanation regarding how the world famous director sees such interviews: "you're making a commercial for my movie!"

My provocative headline cuts to the fact that now any BBC journalist who decides to try attempt an interview with Tarantino must face the fact that they might have fundamentally misunderstood the relationship. Regardless of the skills of you and your production team, Hollywood's most famous director believes he is in fact making "a commercial for my movie". He states this a number of times, like a mantra: "I'm here to sell my movie. This is a commercial for the movie -- make no mistake."

What's important to understand here is that Channel 4 is a public service broadcaster but it is allowed to run adverts, unlike The BBC. I wonder if this exchange has given those at Broadcasting House more than a little cause for thought as regards giving Tarantino airtime on the publicly funded airwaves? His apparent meltdown and misunderstanding regarding the UK's media should by rights have cost him a very valuable market.



Anonymous said…
Tarintino is the worst director/movie maker alive. Possibly ever.
Lloyd In Lancashire said…
Due to the way Tarantino went a bit freaky on Krishnan I was a bit nervous when watching him being interviewed on other programmes such as Graham Norton.

If Tarantino had known he was dealing with a hardened former Newsround presenter he might have backed off.

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