038 The Cult Of Nick: Lucid Dreams, Psychedelic Drugs and a Weird Initiation Ceremony

The long promised lucid dreaming episode.

In this week's Cult Of Nick we get into our first proper collective "occult" experiement. We will be following the popular series of essays I wrote for the Disinfo website, "Essays For The Discordian Occultist" over the next few months. I intend to return to this topic

The interviews on this podcast are with Zoe 7 and they are wide ranging. Personally I find it interesting to hear my style pick up so dramatically between the first one and the second.

I seem to remember Zoe was one of our first guests and I really dug his style, even though I might not agree with all his conclusions. Here's his website, he promises an update soon: http://www.zoe7.com/


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Caulfielde said…
An interesting episode of 'The cult of Nick' this week, as someone who usually doesn't pass comment on the podcast, I was stunned and left jaw-dropped after this pod.
I've always dreamed in first person for as long as I can remember, and my dreams (not all the time) seemed as vivid and real as if the events had actually taken place, I recall one time in particular, which to this day still seems bizarre and unexplainable. As any sleep begins it began in bed, drifting out of consciousness into a dreamscape but the trouble with this particular dream was, I found I wasn't in an hazy dream-like state, I was there. And I can recall everything as if it had happened yesterday; I was on a rooftop, I could feel the cold roof tiles under me, I was wearing my dressing gown of which was white and stained with hot chocolate, that in reality I had splilt perhaps a week prior but was far too lazy to wash it. My feet were cold and bare, down on the street below me was traffic, it must have been around 8 o'clock in the morning, I was panicking. I'd never been on a roof before and was struggling to keep my balance but as I shifted and shuffled I noticed I wasn't alone on the roof, a lady, plump and in her 60s was sitting rather close to me suddenly, she was dressed for the cold weather in a navy blue coat and a long light blue skirt, she wore glasses but the most peculiar thing was that I recognised her presence but was unable to place her - At least until she began to speak.

The lady had the strongest germanic accent I had ever heard, (it's not something you usually hear in London)But then it all suddenly clicked, was I sitting beside my Swiss grandmother whom I'd only known until the age of 3? It became obvious at that point that I was, as she told me she was ''Fine and happy where she is'' and not to worry about her as she's doing ''Just fine'' also that I would ''Catch a cold'' dressed as I was. The breeze was strong and bitterly cold, yet before I could utter a word out of my mouth, I lost my balance on the roof tiles and was suddenly jerked back into consciousnesses in a cold sweat.

Was it possible as mentioned on the Podcast, that I was travelling on the Astral plane? Personally, I cannot recall my grandmother from memory, I cannot recall her accent not even slightly. It was only years later, with a discovery of a recording of her voice on cassette was I completely dumb-struck - that was her alright, sitting on the rooftop with me.

But I like to think of myself as a fairy intelligent and logical person,I wouldn't even say I believed in an after life, perhaps I accessed memory locked away from early childhood? A psychoanalyst would have a field-day. But what I do know is, I was almost certainly Lucid dreaming, this episode has confirmed that. I was there, on a rooftop as clear as day and as vivid as reality, whether I was on the Astral plane or not, who knows? But it certainly was bizarre.
Anonymous said…
Hi Nick,
Found the podcast on lucid dreaming very interesting.

When I was about 10 years old I watched a few horror films, mainly due to my friends older brothers having access to them. Watched a few classics; Evil dead, Nightmare on elm street, few Romero zombie films etc. To be honest they scared the crap out of me and I ended up having very bad recurrent nightmares.

After a while I learned to realise I was dreaming, and could will myself awake when things got too scary. Then one night I was having a pretty standard dream, basically being chased by zombies and Freddy Kruger, I realised I was dreaming and turned around to face them. I was only probably 11 at the time and I basically imagined I was superman and they couldn’t hurt me. After this I never had another nightmare and I found I could “lucid dream” very frequently. I would basically alter my dreams surroundings and just go off flying everywhere, it was awesome. Then puberty hit and every dream more or less turned into soft core porn, which was also awesome, although if things got too heated I would wake up because I had no idea what was supposed to happen. Shortly after puberty I pretty much stopped lucid dreaming but even now I’m very proud of my 11 year old self.

I only found out that lucid dreaming was a thing a couple of years ago but never really looked into it.

Love the podcast.
Best Wishes
Anonymous said…
Hi Nick

I finally had my first lucid dream Sunday morning and it was a strange one. I had tried lucid dreaming the firs time you mentioned it on the Kerrang show and it never worked for me. As time went on I simply forgot about it until I listened to this podcast. I've been trying again since hearing it and have been doing my reality checks for about a month or so. Again nothing happened until the early hours this Sunday when I had two dreams where I became lucid. My reality check has been to check whether I can float or not, after Sundays experience I'm really glad I chose this as the feeling was unlike anything else I have ever experienced and incredibly exciting. My first lucid dream was a bit freaky, here is what I wrote in my journal:

'I try to float and I can. Feels more like I'm leaving my body than levitating though. All of a sudden I'm in a room with an open fire place. One of the walls is covered with leather bound books and there is a leather psychiatrist chair in the room too. I see a woman dressed in red with bright red hair. She starts shouting at me telling me I'm weak and that I should never ask for anything only demand things. She dissapears and a large man appears in front of me. He has blue skin with yellow lines on his face. He says 'you don't want to be here, you should leave this place now'. I start to wake up but I hear him shout 'leave, leave, leave'. This was the strangest part because it was if I could actually hear him speaking to me. Ordinarily when people speak to me in dreams, including the earlier conversations in this dream I can't hear them even though I know what they are saying. This time I could, I don't remember this ever happening before.'

I understand now how people can interpret these experiences as meetings with demons or aliens as, if I was that way inclined, I could say the same about mine. As it turns out I'm a fairly rational thinking guy so I'm sticking with 'it was just a dream'.

My second dream was very boring in comparison. I was in my kitchen trying to fry eggs when I suddenly realised I was trying to do it in a frying pan full of water. I think it was this that made me realise I was dreaming and at that point I tried to float again. Again it worked but this time I was I overcome with the desire to open my eyes and look at myself sleeping. This woke me up.
Hi Nick

This is a comment to explain my lucid dream experiment. I was unsure if the last one went through and thought this was a more appropriate post anyway.

The experiment is based on the theory that lucid dreaming takes place within the astral planes, which I heard in an interview on one of your podcasts.

As I understand it the astral planes are not discriminative, you don't need anything special to inhabit it so anyone can be there. Based on this and lucid dreaming being within the astral I would like to see if it is possible for 2 or more people to make contact within a dream.

To begin with participants who have common ground as far as geographical locations would meet. For example a good knowladge of Birmingham new street station would meen a possible meeting for whoever knew that area. To start with specific known spots would be targeted. If it works unknown places would be tried.

For concise accurate reaults in order for a confirmed meeting both/all participants would have to remember the meeting and should be able to give accurate accounts of the conversation. It is an experiment so I do not promise this theory will work. However it would be nice to try.

I am open to all ages and genders joining. However under 18's will require parents permission. It also doesn't matter if you have had lucid dreams before I believe nicks 3 step advice is sound enough to get anyone lucid dreaming.

Anyone interested can contact me at the following: -

Twitter : - @stevebarrasford

Facebook:- www.facebook.com/groups/524839207559239/

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