Ming IS Merciless

I tried, without success so far, to launch a meme on Monday. It's Ming IS Merciless. It has not replicated at all yet. Here's he is in all his glory.

In my imagination he makes perfect sense: shaking his fist and speaking bold uncompromising truths about the condition of human life on earth. However, I'm floating dangerously close to forcing him as a meme now. I've put him into action quite a few times and he's yet to be replicated by anyone else. Maybe I'm onto a loser.
The idea of a meme is that it gets copied by other people and then gradually develops a life of its own. So far Ming hasn't managed to charm his way very much further than my Facebook/Twitter updates and now this blog. This one got "shared":
I suspect Ming is not yet fully fledged though. I'm not advocating his lack of mercy. He's a demon in my mind and incredibly rude. I don't agree with his words either particularly. He's just being deliberately Merciless in his descriptions of the world and its possible futures, so far.
The above example of his Merciless nature is a good one. We all know this to be true, we will one day run out of sunlight, it's just something you don't generally need to worry about. You store it in your memory after someone tells you only for a bully like Ming to go using it against you as a weapon. Here he goes again look:
There are other examples of him in action on my twitter feed. As yet though he's not a meme, he hasn't replicated. He's just a picture with some words stuck on.

Maybe it'll pick up over the week?


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