Pete Doherty's problem is that people don't hear his music do hear this kind of nonsense. He's genuinely quite good but the sheer volume of press he gets makes me always think he must be a bit rubbish, like X Factor or a soap opera.

This is a story about electrocuting yourself in the brain, it boosts your intelligence. I presume this means it will only ever be done to people who are not very intelligent. That seems quite dangerous to me. I wonder how many politicians will need electrocuting in the brain? You know, to enhance their intelligence?

Insomnia is a terrible business. I assume that's what motivates this man here.


Jackie said…
I'm a local news fan.
My favourite story ran something like this -
"A teenager was assaulted in Crowborough shopping centre yesterday by a man who hit him with a Friday Ad.
The perpetrator got away, and the teenager, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was unhurt."

Anyway - take a look at this wonderful "Angry People In Local Newspapers" blog -

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