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BBC Question Time Review 27/06/13

Censorship in the United Kingdom

Homophobia is really gay

058 New interview with Tony Topping on UFOs The Secret Government and Mind Weapons

A rock solid argument against capital punishment.

Do you hate speech? The "No hate speech movement".

Should we be grateful for the NHS?

REPOST: "WHISTLEBLOWER - feat. Edward Snowden [RAP NEWS 19]"

#BBCQT Review 20/06/13

Does your life run in cycles?

057 Trying to articulate the global awakening, dishing out plans for world peace and talking about aliens as well

Our military should only ever be used after a referendum.

Tony Blair: ‘I am not having sexual relations with that woman, Mrs Murdoch’

You must be joking?

Twitter and Question Time = awesome

056 Man made global warming is a scam, suicide is rubbish, time perception is the key!

020-022 The Cult Of Nick BONUS The Stanford Prison Experiement with Phil Zimbardo

055 The Heaven's Gate Cult

054 A story regarding a haunted house

009 - 019 The Cult Of Nick BONUS

Twitter: allowing normal folk to crawl up the nose of Ricky Gervais