A rock solid argument against capital punishment.

There are numerous great arguments against capital punishment but few of them wrong foot an advocate as swiftly as the above. Those who shout about "punishment" and "an eye for an eye" are gifting evil criminals precisely what they want.

How can a "punishment" so easily dovetail into the will of those you seek to apply it to?

That it's cheap is no excuse to give these people what they so badly want.

That it brings them closer to a supernatural punishment such as hell is absurd. Even if you accept such a place exists most belief systems see you residing for there for a time proportionate to your sins, death makes that sentence no more harsh.

The ever present possibility of you getting the wrong person is not invalidated by modern technology. In a thousand years that argument will be absurd and our current major breakthroughs seen as hopelessly outdated.

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Dave Jennings said…
I absolutely agree, there can be NO exception to the cessation of Capital Punishment. As soon as the wrong person is killed by the state (some would say murdered) all other arguments must go out of the window. Once you try to make exceptions to the rule, due to the severity/nature of the offence or offender we are back into the realm of human emotion, which is vengeance which must not be taken into account or we are degrading the whole process of law.
There can be no excuse for executing the wrong person so forget it

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