BBC Question Time Review 27/06/13

A late start last night after the football...

True story, I remember my Mother explaining to the 7 year old me that "one day you'll be pleased they're putting the football on" and deciding then and there that I'd always hate it. My point is not yet proved, only on my deathbed will I know I was right...
The BBC is backed by a Royal Charter so obviously it rarely carries critical pieces regarding our un-electable and un-democratic head of state. Obviously their reporter, Nicholas Witchell was incredibly apologetic in tone regarding the fact they were daring to report upon the fact their expenditure is set to rise significantly, in contrast to the UK's economy.

To explain for overseas readers, the British Monarchy's arrogance knows no bounds and they genuinely think they've been appointed by a God. This is a story which does nothing other than highlight the total irrelevance of the opinions of their "subjects" and the absurdity of our nation funding one of the richest families in the world. No matter what angle you search for or how much you lie about them being "famously frugal" even the most hardened of pro-Monarchy apologists have kept pretty quiet on this one. That's why a tiny twitch of dissent on the face of the BBC was such a shock:
The show begins and we're into a very dull question about the economy which seemed to consume a large amount of time:
There's an element of sarcasm here. Mark Steel from a political point of view is generally a very tedious and orthodox left winger. He's an incredibly good stand up comedian, I've seen him live in Manchester, but this platform is wasted on him really.

The original idea of "the left" was that they were anti-establishment and intent on reforming society. Nowadays most people like him seem to think politicians promoted by The New Labour Order will help fix things, quite astonishing really. I advocate neither left wing nor right wing thinking and totally despair at the way in which such thought patterns are allowed to control debate.
One of the politicians explained that he understood a woman's concerns.
The Lib Dems are in a difficult position. A number of my self-declared "left leaning" friends voted for them and were totally confused when their votes helped to prop up a Tory Government. No one voted Lib Dem and wanted the Tories, no one.
This was the big story, according to a number of people on the programme, the Government HAVE NOT ACTUALLY CUT SPENDING!!!
I'm genuinely surprised they ducked the two biggest and most important stories of the week.
Jill Kirby criticised the notion of not trusting your employer with this recent story about intelligence leaker Edward Snowden.
It's fun how you hear memes from people that simply must have come from the net:
In the old era (pre-internet) people like Snowden would have found fewer friends and had less people able to explain why he's a hero. Also, people would have taken the excuses and nonsense provided by the pathetic fools we call leaders more seriously instead of collectively laughing at them...
When even The Guardian turns on your policy of booking comedians to appear on your politics show you know you're in trouble:


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