Homophobia is really gay

Criticism tells you more about the critic than the criticised. We are most likely to see our characteristics in others because traits we're familiar with are easier to recognise. I have yet to meet a homophobic person who, with only the slightest of questioning, didn't swiftly start to appear to have issues with their own sexuality:

"Adam and Eve mate, not Adam and Steve!" they'll declare as if you've never heard this line before. It happens to come from an episode of Alan Partridge, they're aping a character who is not at the top of most people's must-be-more-like-that list. The conversation usually plods on in a sort of Partridge-esqe manner with questions such as, "well, how do you know it's not natural? Have you ever tried it?"

"No mate, I ain't no gay me. No way. I'm not even a bit gay me."

"How do you know, have you ever considered it?"

"Yeah, I had ... err, no. No I haven't. Not catching me out like that."

The focus of the conversation should always be, why are they so concerned about it? What drives them to think about homosexuality when most people don't really consider it. Why are they sat up at night, sweaty and "furious" thinking about homosexual men?

With the above in mind there's no surprises regarding this month's news that Pakistan and Nigeria top the google trends searches lists when looking for hot man on man action: 
Nigeria and Pakistan are two of the planet's most anti-gay countries, [...]
Pakistan is, according to Google Trends, "by volume the world leader for Google searches of the terms 'shemale sex,' 'teen anal sex,' and 'man f-cking man.'"

Both Pakistan and Nigeria rank in the top five for Google searches of the term "gay sex pics" and "anal sex pics." Kenya, another vehemently anti-gay nation, ranked first for both searches.
SOURCE: HUFF POST "Gay Porn Strangely Popular In Pakistan, Nigeria: Report"

Nick Margerrison


God, gay?

Also, the title of this piece is influenced by a campaign launched by The Liberal Democrats after Public Service Broadcaster Chris Moyles's apparent homophobic leanings were accidentally revealed on BBC Radio 1. The most notable example was his use of the word "gay" on air to indicate something was, in colloquial terms, a piece of shit. The BBC actually defended him at first saying they thought the word meant "lame" or "rubbish" these days. Four years after this he then went on to do a "hilarious" piss take of, Will Young, the comedy mainly focused upon the fact the singer is gay. The broadcast regulator Ofcom was not impresed and criticised him in their report.


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