059 David Icke Interview - a fan favourite

This is one of the many Icke interviews in my archive, it was initially going to be my firs upload but then I realised you kind of need the background to his belief system for it to really make sense. Hence it's my third upload of an Icke piece rather than the first.

I've left a bit of "off air" banter in there. He is a very friendly chap and would occasionally give us bits of advice and thoughts related to stuff that had happened on the show.

The music I use on this piece is here.

My twitter is here: www.twitter.com/nickmargerrison

David Icke's website is here: www.davidicke.com



Check out this episode!


Anonymous said…
Great interview. More Icke please!
Anonymous said…
Always interesting to hear from Mr Icke.
I worry that he'll be offended when you imply the lizard stuff is all a bit far out, but fair play to the guy he takes it all really well.
I bet he'd be an interesting person to spend an evening down the pub with.

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