063 The Censorship Agenda in the UK The Church Of The SubGenius

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Anonymous said…
how does one join "the cult" if one wishes to avoid facebook and twitter because eris told me not to?
Nicholarse said…
You join by listening to the podcasts - all of them!

Hence, the earlier you get involved the easier it was to join.

They're all there on the stream now, there must be fully paid up members somewhere who've heard them all...
jmefr8 said…
Don't mean to brag....

But yes I have heard them all. Loved the kerrang show and began obsessively listening to this as soon as I stumbled upon it. To be honest I've stopped listening to the radio now, much prefer podcasts. I suppose that's a good thing now kerrang a been swapped for planet rock, that station is awful.

Keep up the good work Nick, see you next Tuesday.
Fahmi said…
Good episode. It's really sad that we cannot stop it though. Maybe thats my pessimistic side which I'm mistaking for realism.

The online collective, Anonymous, is - in my opinion - is a false flag operation created by Uncle Sam, to replicate a false cyber war that is inevitably giving those in charge the exact powers to enforce new legislations that is simply killing the internet. Anonymous isn't helping the people that fight oppression or corruption. Anonymous is falsely gaining the support of millions with the use of lies. If you actually take 5 mins to think what Anonymous has acheived apart from acts of criminality, then hopefully, you will start to believe that anonymous isn't your friend. Anonymous wants you believe that by supporting them you will achieve freedom. This is lie. Anonymous wants you to be anonymous so that Uncle Sam then can and will say that being anonymous is breaching the cyber-security act.

This isn't hard to figure out. The US introduces SOPA. Anonymous rebels and hacks in retaliation. The US claims Anonymous is a national security threat. Anonymous denies the accusation. Anonymous then releases a video waging war against the US. The US then puts to use the cyber security act by arresting 25 suspected hackers. Anonymous then retaliates, giving the nihilists even more power to enforce that law. The same with OCCUPY, the more they want you to protest, the more legislation they use. The world can trust a group with no identity when they don't even trust their ruling nihilists? The accounts that Anonymous uses should have been infiltrated by now. The US could easily find the owner of a twitter account by law. The logo of anonymous depicts the background of the UN and the man in a suit. Why would the Anonymous image symbolize a Uncle Sams logo? The media never portrays anonymous as an "idea", unlike its manipulated supporters, thats because its NOT an idea. Ideas don't hack computers of post videos. People do.

Is it a huge coincidence that the untouchable wikileaks got back on the scene during the time of heightened cyber-security? Yes, wikileaks is also the Uncle Sam creating false flags, thus making the world believe that they're safer with the new laws. Of course they can't jump in and pull the plug on the internet, it would cause too much chaos. Instead they tactically boil the frog, ending with a tax on infrastructure. People who put trust in anonymous are the similar to those awaiting Jesus's return. When the day comes, Anonymous will have killed the internet following Uncle Sams sanctions and the world will see anonymous as a hero. Fox news is on the same team as Anon. Why do you think they say the WORST things about them? Because that's exactly what they want. An excuse for heightened fear in cyber-space. The more reason for new censorship legislation.

Sony ps4 and Xbox hacks too. Christmas morning, how many xbox/ps consoles have been sold worldwide? How many families do you think woke up that morning with that underneath their tree. The black-hat hackers called "LIZARD SQUAD", actually managed to take down the SONY and XBOX servers! That's right! Kids around the world who've been so sprung on this piece of kit(s), plugged it in, ACCESS DENIED. Now you have parents worldwide dealing with insanely outraged kids going bonkers. This will lead to a cry from the parents to say "sort this, our Christmas was ruined because of this, how can we stop this from happening?!" I need say no more.

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