BBC Question Time Review 05/07/13 #bbcqt

Pre-match build up...
And we're off, Sir Anthony Robinson, responds to the question "should MPs get a payrise"?

After that self-rightious chuff had droned on, Dimbledroid, explained people must not give speeches and shorten their answers. This was probably partly in response to last week where they spent almost the whole show on the first question. Unfortunately it lead to a chubby looking Danny Alexander (used to be the skinny ginger kid from the Lib Dems) MP, to argue the toss.
There's an old idea that pay coming out of our taxes should be linked to our average wage. No idea where I picked this up from but it makes sense. Were this enforced the incentive for employees of the state would be to raise the average wage. It would be in their interests for the private sector to be able to match and even exceed their massive incomes.

Baldrick is a Labour peer.

For all my recent criticisms of The BBC, regarding its total inability to effectively cover The Royals in anything other than an unquestioningly positive light, I must help their viewing figures. #BBCQT always ups my follower count and these reviews always get at least a few hundred readers with minimal Twitter based promotion.

Although on the other hand, there's even a few who join in online without watching:
Douglas Murray was the only panellist who didn't annoy me.

Hodge thought £12million in Government savings a mere piffle:

A lot of people on Twitter commented on it being quite a dull one this week.

Then we were on to the revolution in Egypt and the demise of The Muslim Brotherhood.

His Royal Highness "Sir" Baldrick thought it was proof that democracy was hard for some people to understand.
Whereas Margret Hodge MP seemed to get mixed up between what she would like to be the case and what in fact is the case:
The annoying thing about Question Time ending is that it half continues with the God-awful This Week programme. What ruins this show is it has wacky, safe-for-work-humour, sketches. They have to be seen to be believed, they're that awful. They always look expensive as well. I have sympathy if you work on the TV show because I know it's probably a really good living and great fun but it's awful to watch. Really tedious and unfunny.


David said…
Egypt was the soft highlight of a total absence of news this week, as a result they had little to go on subject wise and saved the slight main course till the end, and was summed up by Mr Murray simply by saying we had to get rid of the Muslim Brotherhood, which was pretty impossible to follow with anything more constructive.

It was actually the first panel made up totally of lightweights (plus Sir Tony whose fame is apparently in the inverse proportion to his political wisdom) and had an even more lightweight set of empty and meaningless topics to provide their equally empty and meaningless waffle on. A total anti-climax to the end of a series.

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