Yeah ok, I support a pay rise for our MPs

These characters steal money off us every month. 

Money we've earned by adding value to someone else's life is seized by an act of Parliament to be squandered by smug 'management class' politicians who sit in the belly of the beast pontificating on where we might be allowed to smoke or how slowly they're going to force you to drive your car. 

Even worse these decadents then advocate acts of war in our name and appoint "independent" enquiries to tell us all what a great job they're doing.

They duck issues and break promises as regularly as reality TV stars will say stupid things to get attention.

On the rare occasions an emergency breaks out and we might need "leaders" to take charge they instead always seem to be away on holiday.

They establish massive bureaucracies which then fund lavish lifestyles for other 'management class' people who don't seem to do anything worthwhile at all.

Most of these institutions we expect to do a job but instead they fund the 'management class'. The BBC's job is to report news stories but they missed Britain's most active serial child molester, a Knight of the realm, right in their midst, Jimmy Savile. The NHS's job is to heal people but instead the managers are busy explaining its overly high death rates. The justice system is supposed to catch criminals but instead they focus upon 'the causes of crime' such as victims who they say should be more careful. Our army is supposed to protect us but instead it is sent to countries we've never heard of, who could never invade our Island in a million years.

These people don't care, they'll keep giving your money to institutions which aren't doing the job you'd expect.

They literally do not understand the concept of doing a proper job. 

They are the management class.

They bail out banks, institutions whose only job is to look after our money. They bailed them out when they failed to do that job and instead squandered it on dodgy investments. That's fine, the banks lost all their money, who cares? Give them some of ours so we can borrow it back, with interest.

It's only money.

Our money.

Which they stole.

A pay rise pushes the point when their inevitable day of reckoning comes. Screw it, give them a six figure pay rise, lets get this over with.

Yeah, I support a pay rise for our MPs.

Let's see them manage that one without a fuss.

Nick Margerrison

SOURCES: James Burnham and The Managerial Revolution


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