I am getting addicted to the website www.reddit.com. It reminds me of the old days of the forum 4Chan for the randomness of information you get out of it.

Like all great things on the internet it's incredibly hard to explain at first. Remember the first time someone tried to explain Facebook or Myspace to you? Was it anything like they described? Well, with that in mind, here's my blundering attempt which is likely to seem hilarious in the future. I've partly written this in the hope that readers who know more than me will expose my ignorance in the comments section...

Firstly, when you log on to the website, it shows you a front page that has been built in accordance with your specifications. This is done by you subscribing to information feeds, or "subreddits". These subreddits are lists of links to websites that match the description of the subreddit.

For example, you might sign up to a subreddit called "aww". Thats an information feed dedicated to pictures of cute animals. Everyone who subscribes to that likes cute animals. Furthermore, anyone who wants to upload a picture of a cute animal would send a link to that page and if people like your picture they tick it and vote it up. The more votes your picture gets the more prominently it will be displayed to people who have subscribed to that information feed.

Your front page is a mixture of all the subreddits you've subscribed to and the default subscriptions you've yet to alter.

The website calls itself "The Front Page Of The Internet". It's certainly becoming one of my favourite sites.

Today I tried to create my own subreddit. It was going to be called "ratemybookshelf". This explains why there's a picture of a bookshelf which appeared on this blog prior to me filling out this entry.



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