Caitlin Moran unwitting pawn star?

Caitlin Moran got a lot of press coverage regarding her "#twittersilence" protest against abusive Twitter messages. If you missed it the Times collumnist took a day off the social media site and encouraged others to do the same.

Her justification for the stunt, and defence against the obvious argument that being silent in the face of sexism and bullying might be the wrong approach, is consistent in her time line.
It's important to relate to her background as a media person if you are to comprehend why she thinks this is an end in itself. Personalities such as her are actively encouraged to get as much press as possible and the more "cross promotion" a stunt gets from other sources the better.

However, I strongly suspect that the reaction to her "protest" has more to do with the agenda being pushed by the UK Government to censor the internet than it does her public realtions skills.
The above tweet implies the issue was about to be left to one side, I can't emphasise how wrong I think that is.
It's likely we will see a lot of new stories being given prominence and telling us that "something has to change".
A good example is found on Caitlin's timline which carries a tweet about a tragic 14 year old who committed suicide.
If you want my opinion on that, this article "Who is to blame for suicide?", will clarify my thoughts. What's important to stress is this tragedy is being widely reported because it fits the Government's agenda to try and censor the internet. Teen suicides are not uncommon but they are rarely national news.

This tactic of pushing stories which support a Government plan is not new and nor does it involve a big conspiracy. It's simply down to the fact that Westminster provide a large majority of the broadcast media's source material so they get to dictate the agenda a little.

As a result, well meaning campaigns get co-opted into a very manipulative system populated by very persuasive people who see them as pawns on a chessboard:
What's pleasing about the internet is people are noticing this trick and starting to see through it on a much bigger scale than previously.
The difficulty for some people comes in realising when they have been used by others. I do not suspect Caitlin will notice, she was too busy praising herself. Perhaps when the net is being censored in the UK she'll have a different perspective.


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