069 Tom Montalk on the UFO phenomena

The Cult Of Nick looks at UFOs and ETs today with an interview from the archives featuring Tom Montalk.

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Nick Margerrison

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Erronius said…
Whether there's any truth to Tom Montalk's story is something I won't get into. I'll call it quantum-indeterminate till after Disclosure, and then till enough water has passed under the bridge to establish that it wasn't yet another false-flag op. But if his story were literally true, the good/evil question answers itself. “They” are too much like “us” for comfort.
First, the hominids. The Nordics and the Greys. If the Greys are genetically-engineered drones designed to serve the wants of some other species, then that looks like someplace our own society could end up after another grim and dark millennium. Speciation according to social strata, helped along by gentech. Eloi and Morlocks. The Greys seem cool to me, we might be able to help one another along if we got our owners off our backs, but I want to kick the other guy in the nuts already.
And then, these guys are supposed to work in secret with government agencies. If that's not a dead giveaway, I don't know what is. The purpose of government is to facilitate the exploitation of us, the people, and the planet, through the magick of asserting shit into existence (law) and the threat of violence to back that shit up (law enforcement, “diplomacy”). If that's of use to them, you know they're in it for a share of the action. The gold may already have been lifted off the planet.

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