Perhaps a Guardian journalist reads this blog?

The MediaGuardian 100 this year reflects the extent to which the individual had become empowered in the online age. Everyone can be a broadcaster-publisher, as user-generated content is sent around around the world. A consumer can be a critic, a trend setter and – a less welcome consequence
Why we're not living in 1984 today: "Orwell's oversight" is acknowledged in everything but name in a recent poll in The Media Guardian. They've put "YOU" into the top position of their Media Guardian Top 100. The rest of the list features the 'great and the good' of the media industry. The list itself is filler material that the newspaper churns out every year. That it now acknowledges the media's audience is amusing because, as I've said many times over, this has never really been the focus for most of the UK's broadcast media. Particularly in the state funded, market leading, BBC.

The wider picture here is that the broadcast media is being dramatically outflanked by the internet, which represents the uncontrolled voices of "normal people".

They have no idea how to deal with it.

I've deliberately cut the final sentence to make it look as if they hate this change in the power dynamic. It should read: 
"A consumer can can be a critic, a trend setter and – a less welcome consequence of social media – a troll."


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