Starbucks taxation and the apocalypse

What I love about the world we live in is that I can sit in a coffee shop and rant away like this:
I like the iconography of the coffee shop, it recalls the spirit of revolution which energised people in 17th and 18th Century Europe.

In fact I am proud to be a 'Coffee Shop Revolutionary':
An individual [...] who speculates on the utopia that "could be" following radical societal, governmental, and cultural change without actually taking action to do initiate it. These coffee shop revolutionaries are comparable to "Armchair Generals" and "Armchair Politician's".
My surprise at the fact the UK's Labour party were so keen to kneel before our God-appointed Queen is a good example of how a "reality tunnel" works. By necessity you ignore more information than you absorb. Throughout your life your brain learns what information is useful and what is 'irrelevant', this process builds up your unique reality tunnel. Once someone's beliefs are firmly re-enforced it's incredible they can then either notice or ignore. So, for example, if you think there is a God and you've managed to shift your reality tunnel to fit that belief it will start to seem like the evidence is all around you because anything that flatly speaks to the contrary is ignored.

Sure enough, when my younger left-wing self first heard Labour supported the UK's hereditary Monarchy, I was forced to ignore something because it didn't fit my worldview.
My visceral dislike of so-called hate crime caused me to be viewed as "controversial" during my time as a phone in show host in London. I'm still amazed some people think it's less of a big deal to beat up an old lady when compared to attacking someone because you don't like the fact they're gay or the wrong race or whatever. The whole notion of "hate crimes" being seperate and apart from other criminal acts is necessarily divisive on an issue I think our society should be united over.
The satisfying thing about Twitter is rants can soon turn to conversations. Not everyone agrees with you, obviously, so you can test the viability of your reality tunnel as well as re-enforce it. The whole experience of social media is incredibly similar to the process behind a radio phone in show, you fire out thoughts and then suddenly strangers return fire with their point of view.
I can't stress how crucial this idea is becoming to my belief system. A revolution of any kind is useless unless it involves people changing the way in which they think. That's why American foreign policy fails (in terms of its stated aim) to spread democracy and instead end up with their Presidents blabbering on about winning "hearts and minds" as their soldiers drown in the ensuing bloodbath. In a similar vein this is also why violent revolutions tend to leave behind dictators who have the unenviable task of trying to indoctrinate everyone into accepting their particular reality tunnel as the only possible point of view.

This brings us to the cricual difference between education and indocrination. The former teaches you how to think where the latter tells you what to think. Indoctrination is practiced most obviously in mathematics when it comes to learning your times tables for example, you learn by saying them over and over again. You only stop once they are part of your reality tunnel and 6x6 appears to so obviously be 36 that you can stop thinking about it.

It's apt that many people do not appreciate the difference between that and an education which also teaches you how to think and why we believe 6x6 is 36. You can often spot indoctrination in someone if, when you ask them why they think something, they get annoyed or irritated rather than give you a reasoned answer.

Rote learning clearly supports a number of our society's establishment-serving points of view.
As a general rule I find it's often a good idea to stop ranting once you've covered the apocalypse..

In the event anyone reads all the way down to the bottom of this entry please pop a comment into the blog to remind me to write this rant up for the Disinfo website, it's right up their street I think.

Nick Margerrison


Anonymous said…
Rant on, brother!
Steven Greenwood said…
Thought Hors d'oeuvre, so many to try before the main course.

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