Why not work for benefits?


In short what I'm suggesting is that our society is regressing back to that era, where people work for a master who allows them to live on the land in return. The masters of our New Age are intended to be Government officials, in the past it was less organised than that.

The establishment no longer need people to work in factories, many people have suggested we will therefore head back to the way things used to be. Such a development was notably predicted by Aldous Huxley and, to a lesser extent, George Orwell.


From The Guardian:

Labour will move to protect itself from the politically damaging charge that it is soft on welfare claimants, by proposing that every adult aged over 25 and out of work for more than two years should be obliged to take up a government-provided job for six months, or lose benefits.

The "compulsory work or lose benefits" announcement by the shadow chancellor, Ed Balls, and the shadow work and pensions secretary, Liam Byrne, comes ahead of what threatens to be a fraught second reading debate on Tuesday over Labour's refusal to back a government bill restricting increases in benefits and tax credits to 1% a year for the next three years – which is likely to represent a 4% cut in real terms.

Can you spot the difference between this and the policy being brought in? The New Labour Order were parroting this nonsense ages ago, as were the Tories.

This debate is alike to the others we see when a clear part of Her Majesty's Government's agenda is being pushed. In fact it's about extending state power and yet in debate it's supposedly about tackling the problem of lazy people in society. Opposition is then reacted to as you would someone who is putting up a defence of the workshy. This means a sensible response during the debate is hard to reach and in the unsuing melee and meanwhile the Government pushes its proposed expansion through.

Nick Margerrison


Erronius said…
Work is on its way out. It's a worldwide trend. More and more work can and will be done by machines, computers, robots, and of course, what can be done by machines is best done by machines. So we finally get some time to think for ourselves because we won't spend our days on things we would never support if it weren't for the money, whatever that is. The world of the Jetsons is just around the corner. Isn't it great?
Oopsy. A little problem. Them, whoever They are - the Reptilians, the Illuminati, David Rockefeller, a strictly memetic dynamic at play, Great Cthulhu sleeping in the city of R'lyeh under the sea, whatever, I can't see the puppet player but I can see the puppets dance - The Beast for short. They will have little use for a great many of us, especially not with time on our hands to think and create for ourselves. And the Internet. With all those occult webpages and pr0n and whatnot. Time to ramp up the fear.
So here comes the reintroduction of serfdom, not even because there's work to be done, there isn't really, but to keep them too busy to think and to further marinate them in a value system designed to keep them in check. And to further devalue and cannibalise decent work for decent pay, of course. Kick a street sweeper out of his job so he has to go on welfare, then let the poor sod sweep the street for his welfare check.
The Great Beast of the Apocalypse painted itself into a corner. It bred seven billion cattle that it doesn't know what to do with now, and it's become a liability. It's in a panic and it will lash out. Interesting times. Good thing it fears us more than we fear it.

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