072 Scientology and your core values

This interview is from the Kerrang archives. It caused a huge controversey at the time because it was offensive to people who claimed to be party of Anonymous group. It's not an overly critical interview but, if you're familiar with my style, it's not unusual particularly for me to let guests speak for themselves.

The music on this podcast is from Zero Friends Recordings.

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Nick Margerrison

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Elemental Child said…
Hi Nick, whilst still listening to the podcast I quickly grabbed a piece of paper and thought of my
answers to your quiz. I thought of three Gods immediately and different qualities struck me which I quickly scribbled down and then as I'm still thinking & still listening.....you gave the game away!
It was about me...oh well that changes everything and now I'm cross-referencing from my Gods to me....thinking of their magical qualities.....oh yeah but that doesn't apply to me so I can't have that one, best think of another. The critical voice comes in. Do you see? If I didn't know it was about me, I would've just focussed on them....and I still had two more Gods to find but now that I know the secret, I'm looking for them in a different light. Even thinking I must have some females in there trying to get equal representation! Although I do think it's best not to know the full details, now here's where it gets tricky. As I made up my top ten - for my last choice, I found myself struggling to put “intelligence” in there. It would've been how I ranked my Gods, however, when it comes to my own code I want to live by, I'm already far too responsible and can take intelligence as a given. In fact I'm too much in my head and need to move more to my heart. So, knowing that it was really about me and that it was to be my code or my 10 commandments to live by....as my last entry at
no. 10 - I chose “humour”. As your old pal Nick Abbot says “you gotta 'ave a larf aint yer”. Hope my comments were useful although if you print this, it will give the game away to others. I think it worked on your friends because you probably were there in person and gave them time to give their answers before you spilled the beans. On a podcast I think you could overcome this by splitting it up whereby listeners can note down their Gods and then rejoin you in part 2 for the revelation and then possibly fine tune it when they realise the qualities are theirs. Otherwise the critical voice or conversely ego could come into play. Lastly just to say I think it's a really great tool for boosting confidence and giving spiritual insight about yourself. The negative one about people you hate has me in self denial!!
Oh well nobody's perfect. But Thanks a lot.
Nick Margerrison said…
Very interesting comments. I'm writing this classic self help exercise into my book as I type this and I'm wondering what if anything other people gave to add here?
Nick Margerrison said…
Have - not gave. Bloody typos!

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