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074 The Oversoul and The Campaign For Philosophical Freedom

Looks like I'm going to be adding a donate button to the podcast. I put a hundred quid in there for hosting costs at the start of all this thinking it'd last me ages, it has, more than a year! I reckon if half the audience pops a quid in we're cool for another year or more, happy days.

This podcast is recorded in a slightly odd way, my spoken bits were done in total ignorance of the interview I was going to pick from the archives. Listening to it I think we picked a good match, Michael Roll from The Campaign For Philosophical Freedom. If enough people agree I might contact him and see how the search for a psychic went.

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Thanks to Paul Munkey for pointing out that there are two 072 episodes... my mistake!

Check out this episode!

1 comment:

KARLOS said...

Haha! He was quite a slippery character there for a while, I think he just didn't want to admit that it all happened in the dark.

Great Podcasts Nick, on my way to becoming a fully fledged cult member(!)

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