#bbcqt don't criticise schools, it's racist against teachers!!

Usual round up of The BBC's Question Time.

My thoughts on, one of the pannellists, Diane Abbot are recorded in an old blog entry here. She seems to me to have gotten worse with time, not better. I hope she is no longer "dubious of black people" who claim not to have experienced racism. Personally, unlike her, I don't think the colour of someone's skin has to be relevant to the way they choose to think and see the world.
Mates of mine are now starting to assemble at my house when Question Time is on. We have a system:
We're developing a scene.
Militax is a useful nickname for anything Ed Miliband (leader of the opposition) suggests that will result in a direct increase in the amount of tax people pay. This issue is not considered nearly enough in the UK. People seem almost blind to the manner in which they are having their money stolen off them each month for largely absurd reasons and to pay for many things they'd never consent to giving their hard earned cash to.

The next day, after energy bill prices had dominated the news agenda because the Labour leader made a speech suggesting he was going to freeze them once in power, sure enough they went up again:

It's a complex issue and I think I support nationalisation of core services such as electricity and gas.

The key issue here though is taxation.

The majority of my readers to this blog, even the Question Time posts, are from 'the land of the free and home of the brave', so a little explanation is needed because core ideas in American politics are often absent in the UK. There's a kind of down-your-nose look people adopt when speaking of private enterprise and people making huge profits, particularly if they're from poorer backgrounds and do not have an award from the Queen. John Lennon, who handed his award back and became a figure of fun in the UK media shortly afterwards, used to remark that he felt people in the UK saw him as being alike to a lucky lottery winner rather than talented and hardworking artist. Added to this is the fact cutting taxation rarely comes up as a vote winner. There's little chance a politician would win votes promising "no more taxes" in 'merry old England'.

Hopefully these attitudes are changing now thanks to the internet and our ability to hear uncensored opinion.

Then Abbot dropped her bombshell, you can't criticise schools because it's not fair on the hardworking teachers!!

This was in reference to Norman Baker, the new Home Office Minister for Her Majesty's Government, who thinks Dr David Kelly was murdered and that MI5 helped cover it up. I don't take that view personally but I can't see why it makes him unsuitable to work in that role. Very odd how some people are keen to condemn rather than encourage different perspectives on life.

Not the most exciting Question Time but certainly not a boring one. Not sure if I'll be able to make this Thursday or not. Might tweet along, 'as live', the next day...



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