#BBCQT Hitchens matches his brother and I get called "right wing" again...

I refuse to admit that tweeting bile at politicians on a Thursday is the genuine highlight of my week. There's no need for me to admit that, it's obvious.
Nice that there's a slow growing clique of people who're also joining in as well...
My thoughts on Owen Jones are here: "Owen Jones and the folly of criticism"

Owen Jones, one day he will likely be "Lord Jones".

Hitchens is a great debater, just like his brother was. In my opinion he battered Will Self on the subject of drugs last year, despite the fact I support the idea of decriminalisation and he was arguing against it. In other words, he won an argument I wanted him to lose. My thoughts on that here:

Nick Clegg on drugs:
The recent edition of The BBC's 'Question Time' perfectly illustrated two alternative solutions to the so-called war on drugs. On the one hand you had Peter Hitchens. His suggestion is to 'actually make it a war' as, according to him, decriminalisation has happened in all but name. So, he argues, lets try actually locking people up for even the most minor infringements of the narcotics law. In that world even so much as a scratch of cannabis under your fingernails would get you hard jail time.
He's a man who I disagree with on a number of issues but he does the job he's supposed to and he does it well. He clearly articulates his honestly held opinions. Jones however is incredibly tedious, he interrupts people and seems to think it's the 1980's still. They're polar opposites, in almost every respect.
The big debate was energy bills and the price increases. This came up the week before and so to some extent we saw a re-hash of the same debates.
The problem with Owen Jones being the polar opposite of Hitchens is this:
Every now and then an audience member pops up and makes a big impact, "bloke with beard" is a classic example:
I'd side with the Yanks against Europe, just as my Granddad did when they started bombing us in the 40's. I think on reflection the word "inevitable" in this tweet boarders on the ludicrous though.
It doesn't help Owen Jones being the polar opposite of Hitchens, who looks like a bitter old man:
Owen, or "Owrn" as I decided to call him here, represents the kind of youthful fool I was once. Totally believes in the idea of politicians. He's precisely the opposite of Hitchens in this respect. Hitchens acts as if he hates all of them, if you read this blog you'll know it's hard for me not to like that.
The question was, "As politicians and political commentators what would you say to people who feel disillusioned with the current political system?". Owen Jones was the first to answer, he 'magnanimously' sympathised with the "ordinary people" spoke about class a bit, praised Caroline Flint, the Labour party representative on the panel that night and then told the "ordinary people" to sort it out by getting involved.
Then came Hitchens's response. It was note perfect. It was word for word the sentiment I wanted. He spat bile and scorn on the whole lot. His words to people who feel disillusioned with politics, in a nutshell were: "I'd agree with them". As he spoke about the things politicians will not discuss the look on the panel was priceless. Lord Jones (for that is what he will one day become) furiously tried to interrupt and stop him from talking, without any apparent sense of irony.
It's unlikely we'll see a Lord Hitchens.
Jones was then supported by Liz Truss from the Conservative Party who literally told him to "get with the programme".
"It's not Britain I hate, it's the people who run it," returned Hitchens, he then went on to point out these people are all the same and you cannot tell the difference between them.

Just perfect.

The problem agreeing so whole heartedly with someone from the Daily Mail, is:


Anonymous said…
Hitchin's speech was great. He rattled through the issues and the politicos just looked at their feet hoping he would shut up. I don't agree with everything he says but that was awesome. And with no shame the Muppet show continued to congratulate themselves without addressing any of his points. W@nkers.

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