#BBCQT - pretty much the same episode as last week tbh...

Got back in time from my socialising and ka-boom!

Typos never fail to extract dignity from a tweet. "This Government's changed not a jot" would've been better. I also take the point that I probably go on about the left wing a little too much. I do so not in order to advocate the "opposing side" of right wing but to point out the absurdity of believing there's a visible difference when they pop in a new Prime Minister. All the key issues remain the same. Capital punishment is very popular, we're told we live in a democracy, but still there's no chance it'll ever come back with the current system. The EU, few like it, no one voted for it, still we have it. There are countless such issues.

The irony is that those who oppose them often do so by trying to match them with tyranny of equal force. I find this deeply tiresome. The hippies who popped flowers in gun barrels made more of a statement than The Weathermen. The "nationalists" who flaunt their flags so aggressively hold no appeal for me but I am patriotic in the sense that I love my friends and family and the majority of them come from this country. Also, I have a lot invested in it after years of them stealing from my monthly paychecks and I use this nation's language, respect its borders and am part of its culture.

Then came the question, should we still trust the police? The possible scope of the problems currently being reported as regards Her Majesty's Police is genuinely terrifying. I've ALWAYS favoured them in almost every argument and debate I've had on the radio. My trust in them was (and perhaps still is) rock solid despite various friends and relatives speaking to the contrary. The implications of the so-called Plebgate scandal are shocking to me but have yet to be widely understood in the popular consciousness. This added to the depressing transcripts of Sir Jimmy Savile behaving as the title her majesty gave him suggests he would are a big worry. My favourite panelist (no, that does not mean I agree with him all the time) Peter Oborne nailed it, his faith in them has been rocked.


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