I resume shouting at the telly: #BBCQT

The BBC's Question Time programme has been back on for two weeks but my updates and "reviews" have been absent from this blog, why?

Well, it's because I'd foolishly got used to having a life, attending social engagements and so forth. That's over now, Question Time is back and so are my little "reviews"!

If you're a new reader to the blog, here's how it works, I sit and shout at the telly with Twitter on the go and then look back through my feed and pick out the better tweets and post them here on your favourite occult/political/satirical/nonsense blog[1].

The pre-amble to this (which a mate said was like watching someone getting ready for a football match) involved me "clarifying the issues" a little:
Nutter murders someone on bus. Full story here[2]:

It annoys me to see the #censorshipagenda being touted so blatantly by the state funded BBC. They always seem to forget that if people don't like The Daily Mail they can stop buying it, unlike their legally enforced mandatory funding model.

Even today I read in my Twitter feed people lapping this bullshit up because they think the world would be a better place if Her Majesty's Government could just write a few little rules for everyone...
... I spent years in broadcasting wondering what I could and could not say. It's a hellish situation to find yourself in and I can very much imagine a world where everyone has to try and enter that mindset before they go online. That's their agenda here, it's got nothing to do with anything else. They want to control the net in the same way they control the broadcast media. The papers are not currently governed by the same rules as TV and radio, largely because in the past people thought free speech was important.

In a nutshell my position is this: they have no right to restrict your thoughts or words and you should only suffer consequences for direct specific threats or telling harmful lies such as the classic "fire in a crowded room" warning. Her Majestey's Government must stop thinking it is allowed to limit what you can say to your fellow humans.

This principle is so important it over rides almost all my other key ideas. It means I am prepared to defend "lads mags" and "The Daily Mail" despite the fact doing so always costs me twitter followers and blog readers. Free speech is not and never will be popular but it's essential to the new world being created around us. Without it we will live in tyranny for many years to come.

Deep breath...
This tweeter nailed the irony of my preamble perfectly:

The above tweeter makes a fair point which I half agree with. I harp on about "the left" and "leftys" a little too much. I think it's because I used to be so entrenched in their point of view that I'm now a little like one of those irritating evangelical atheists. I like the idea that someone might be snapped out of calling themselves "left wing" by my goading but, truth be told, that's quite unlikely.

At this point in proceedings things kicked off a little though because as you will see from the tweet at the top of this page me and my little crew of tweeters got picked up and retweeted by the official BBC Question Time feed...
"Cult members" leapt into action and the death of the left right paradigm meme was pushed by all...

And then the re-tweeted tweet was ruined when it was revealed to contain a spelling error, livid:
It's a failed tweet. Just like the special sign I made, to emphasise what nonsense this fake media outrage story about The Daily Mail not liking Marxism is:

Meh, no such thing as failure, only feedback.

Blair + Webb = Grunt Shapps

Then 'Chairman of The Conservative Party', Grunt Shapps, started talking and claiming his party would get us out of the EU.

LBC listeners may remember I renamed his lot "The sTory Party" because all they ever do is lie and tell lies and keep lying, all you'll ever hear from them are tall tales and stories:
A few of my twitter followers actually got seats in the audience but I've had no confirmation from them as to how it went.

It always amuses me when the nuts and bolts stuff comes up because politicians can't deal with the debate:

They do, politicians, they work for you. You are in charge of them and they should do as you say. The time when this will be the case is coming. I believe this now more than I ever have.

Also, I re-wrote the Starbucks, Taxation and The Apocalypse piece for Disinfo here and some of the comments are brilliant. Go check it out.

Nick Margerrison.


[1] This one. This is your favourite one. That's what I'm implying here. Just to be clear, in case you prefer a "proper" blog. Screw you, see if I care. I'm not bothered. Well, I am a bit. Not much though. Even if this is not your favourite blog I write for myself and, well, err.. actually there's quite a few good blogs out there. Lets not get so bogged down with "favourite" this or "favourite" that, yeah? Everyone's blog is my favourite, sort of.

[2] Boo hoo, you can't call him a nutter, that's mean. No, murdering people is evil and in my mind defines him as a nutter, by which I mean he cannot think straight. I respect not the diagnosis of psychiatrists. Their job is to help people who feel mentally unwell, not project those problems into wider society with limiting beliefs about people.


Anonymous said…
Just remember: not all mentally ill people are 'knife-wielding maniacs'.

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