The Oversoul

In response to the cult of nick podcast.

The god mind. What is it? Simply put it is/relates to the theory of "the higher self" (Robert Bruce's astral dynamics gives a good solid description)

For those unaware of the term higher self I shall elaborate. The higher self is a phrase used to describe you behind you. A guardian angel, the place where thoughts come from, the part of you that is separate from your ego/current consciousness. A higher form of consciousness.

It is believed that meditating and affirmations to your higher self can effect your current conscious world and is used to navigate the astral planes.

The god mind or the oversoul is simply an "alternate look" at this theory, both tying in to the law of attraction.

The law of attraction is a belief that you can gain or cause something to happen based on believing and visualising it as already solid fact. An example would be the get rich quick self help phrase "in order to become a rich man you must think like a rich man" A rich man knows he is rich, knows he deserves money where as a poor man is stuck being poor.

Hopefully this has shed some light on the topic of the gods mind. I thank you for reading this far and if anyone would like to rewrite this blog post to a finer edit point I implore you to do so.


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