076 In support of 'Brand' revolution

Russell Brand has made a bit of a name for himself by advocating revolution. Seems like precisely the sort of thing we've been talking about for the last year or so, I'm sure that's just a co-incidence.

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Nick Margerrison

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Erronius said…
The freemason, Tim Wallace-Murphy, just gave me a new insight into what Freemasonry is - and put me off of the idea for life. It exists to help good men become better. He conflates that with becoming a better and more law-abiding citizen.

That's all well and good it you're a citizen, and a man. But some of us are proletarians. Some of us know that the law was never written to be of any use to them. And some of us have no illusion about being a citizen in the first place. Class society never went away.

Is there a conspiracy? There are plenty. There always have been. But you can tell which are the most successful ones. Those are not hidden, not even in plain sight. They're invisible for being ubiquitous. They're sitting on your face. They constitute what we know as society. What Guy Debord called the society of the spectacle. Everything that puts you into the position of spectator of your own life, rather than actor.

Russell Brand cracked that nut. He found another way of self-improvement. He's an actor, not a spectator. He demolished the mental prison we're all raised to reproduce. He is free.

If Russell Brand really is Jesus H Particular Christ, then the Paxman interview was his chat with the Devil on the mountaintop. Paxman performed the ancient Egyptian magick of assuming the Godhead. He put on the Cloak of Authority, personifying the status quo. He sets up all sorts of traps. Start designing your new prison, boy, just in case you ever break out of this one. Brand doesn't fall for any of it.

Can Russell Brand trigger the revolution? Of course not, don't be silly. But while he has a high profile, he can educate. A few of his fans will also cross over from being a spectator to being an actor.

Here's the one commandment I got from Saint Russell: Thou shalt do what thou canst get away with. Unless you make that your daily practice, the day that you can get away with Revolution may come and go and you'll never know.

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