077 CATMA: The Law Of Projection

The Law of Projection is a source of amazement to the people who discover it. You're hearing it on a little culty podcast. I wonder if anyone's new to this one and will have the intended "wow" moment when they get into the idea? There's no way of knowing. I've spent the night watching coverage of the Million Mask March. What, what coverage? It was ignored by the media pretty much. Yeah, but it was on twitter and a video link. Doesn't matter if they ignore us now. The mainstream media only ignores such things at the risk of being ignored.

I kind of feel like this podcast should have more of the revolutionary stuff in it but it doesn't. Check out this podcast's timeline if you're looking for that. I notice a few of my pieces were being shared last night as I watched people fan out over London, with their Guy Fawkes masks on. Cult members are realising how well placed they are to handle these debates from the look of my twitter feed at the moment. www.twitter.com/nickmargerrison

Without question the world is changing at a rapid rate.

The UK has an alternative scene. The music you're hearing on this podcast is part of it. www.zerofriendsrecordings.co.uk

All hail Discordia! 23
Interviews with Adam Ockelford and Kate Hudson from CND

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flipdog said…
Jazz has a bad rep, and back in the days when I was a Kerrang reader, I would have agreed with you completely. However, like with every genre you care to mention, there is good and bad stuff, and when you find the good, it will inevitably transcend the bad. I mean, come on now, you wouldn't like anyone to dismiss all heavy music just because they'd only heard Metallica and Marylin Manson, would you? (disclaimer: I despise the music made by those two artists; I love an awful lot of other heavy music, however).

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