078 David Wilcock features from the archives

Never before put out in this form the interview here with David Wilcock needed to be edited to cut it on the show, which was quite fast paced compared to this podcast. I love the idea that meditating and sending good vibes out would fix stuff. I really do.

The other interview is with Simon LeVay. Again, never aired in this form. I think they sound better longer but it is the nature of radio, you have to cut stuff because that way more people will listen. Narrows your message. With the internet you can speak in multiple formats and only irritate people who can easily ignore you. The conseqeunce of this is you end up projecting a multiple medium message. And stuff...

I'm in a waffling mood.

Hope you dig this podcast.

The music is from here: Zerofriendsrecordings.co.uk

And don't forget, Discordianism is a joke religion!


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Anonymous said…
Hi Nick -

I am intrigued by your idea that we could withdraw our votes after an election. It would allow us to keep a chip in the game throughout the term of the official we've elected. I think this could be very empowering to the individual, even if the ramifications to the official are merely symbolic. It would also provide far more accurate approval ratings than the sampling system we currently have. In the age of people voting for the next American Idol and garbage like that, why couldn't this be a privately run enterprise. A website where you register your vote and can withdraw, change or scale it at any time? Also - I was looking around the internet to see if this idea had ever been considered before and found nothing. Is this your original idea or does it exist within political science in any way and what is it called?

Thanks and keep up the great work. You blow my mind often and I'm so grateful for that.

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