Basic Income ... should the Government pay you a wage, no matter what?

I wonder what blog readers think of this? In short it's the idea that the Government pays everyone a flat wage and you can earn money on top, I think. Sounds like a way to put everyone on benefits. However, on the other hand it seems to feed into ideas about freedom and so forth. Not gathered my thoughts on it really, you?


radiobiffo said…
It's the logical extension of the benefit system. After all, if benefits are there because everyone needs money and a house, why should everyone not get a basic income and a basic house and then they can choose to top up with work if they feel the need to do so. It would probably save the state a lot of money in administration of tax credits and other means tested benefits.
If you don't accept this premise, then why should anyone get handouts?
The fact that some groups of people get free money and others do not is logically inconsistent and actually punishes people for working due to marginal rates of tax.

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