The end of Great Britain will be met with cheers from the EU

The history of this country, Great Britain, seems to have been forged underneath the constant threat of invasion from mainland Europe. I always understood the union of the two countries, England and Scotland, which grants Britain the title "Great" was by consent, not conquest. I also always thought it was to protect us from the fear of molestation from the mainland and stump their plans for total world domination.

Times have changed nowadays and conquest comes via bureaucracy rather than bullets. I've mixed heritage and Scottish relatives but prefer being British to English. Rightly or wrongly I prefer this because it seems to me that the British Empire, for all its faults, allowed us to forge a national identity that transcended race.

It's an interesting co-incidence to me that in my life I've noticed a rise in English nationalism, our St George's Cross seems to have replaced the Union Jack and our politicians all support being part of the EU. In and among all of this is a little bulldog, who used to protect us, being put down because Braveheart.



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