They're censoring the press, exactly as I told you they would #bbcqt

If you check my Twitter time line you'll notice I tweet a lot during Question Time. These blog entries are composed of the "highlights" or maybe "lowlights". Re-Tweets, responses and favourites feature here. Towards the end of last night there was some very interesting debate about nationalisation versus privatisation and my time line was full of tweets with me saying, "ooh, no idea what I think of this". None of them got favourited or RT'd so this blog entry reads as if I knew exactly where I stood on every issue.

The first question was about this:

Q&A High speed rail 2
The government plans a new high-speed rail network, from London to Birmingham and to Manchester and Leeds, known as HS2.
This high speed rail link will only benefit London in my opinion. I'm happy to be proved wrong on it, don't have a firm opinion there. What I do think is that I've started to toy with the idea of calling politicians "tax collectors". From where I stand that seems to be all they're there to do. They advocate tax increases and then provide a bit of PR for Her Majesty's Government. That seems to be their main role. I doubt there are many ex-builders who are politicians. Builders do things, politicians don't.

Speaking of which, these Unions intimidating families are behaving PRECISELY as I expect. I have seen all that crap close up and it's nasty. Fascists scream about unity and the strength to be found within it. Collective action often falls foul of what can only be described as fascism.

Unite accused of 'intimidation' tactics over Grangemouth
31 October 2013 Last updated at 22:31 GMT
Members of the Unite union involved in the bitter dispute at Grangemouth have been accused of trying to intimidate company bosses and their families.
In one case, Unite members congregated outside the home of a company director with an inflatable rat.
These people have fallen foul of what is sometimes called "noble cause corruption" where they are so convinced what they are doing is right they don't think they personally can ever do wrong.
The left wing are riddled with it. The right wing usually get it in matters related to nationalism. The left become infected with it all the time.
Then the question of privatising the probation service brought up a genuinely interesting debate about what should and should not be the duty of the Government.
How to make recidivism and costs rise? Privatise probation
Four big firms are set to get even richer. We will be paying much more for the service, and failures are inevitable

Then the inevitable Leveson debate popped up:
The Royal Charter on press regulation is expected to be approved later. What are the major questions that have defined the debate?
A Royal Charter? I am stunned people think this is a good idea. I am stunned anyone believes these lying evil politicians and thinks broadcast law should be applied to newspapers. I'm stunned at how fucking thick you have to be to think it's anything other than an attempt to censor you in the near future.


David said…
It's amazing every time I'm about to tweet or just have on qt you nearly always say exactly what I do. Confirmation means we are not thinking alone or out of the box, but tuned in where others may not be.

My next recommendation is you use all your media connections and get on yourself, the time has come!

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