081 The Cult Of Nick: Space chips and cheaters

Interviews from the archive:

Joey Greco is surmised by Seth MacFarlane as "the guy who was on Cheaters, and got stabbed on camera". He did the show for 12 seasons and his personal website is here.

*cop starts breakdancing*

Paul Marks used to tolerate my bullshit on the old show frequently. His twitter is here.

The "Jeremy Bile" sketch is old and prolly only makes sense to UK listeners, which narrows it down to about 1/3 of the audience according to the last lot of stats I saw.

The music, which is particularly good in this episode I think, is provided by www.zerofriendsrecordings.co.uk

My Twitter is here: www.twitter.com/nickmargerrison

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Potla said…
Hi Nick, You opened my eyes to mind battering paradigms when I discovered the Night Before during my late school years. You split and shifted my mind onto whole new perspectives whilst listening to the awesome show. Sadly after you had left Kerrang the amazing access to such wonderful and wacky information and viewpoints disappeared from my life. I have read many articles, seen many things since that have changed my viewpoints but always felt a great void that the late night audible gold had left.

So I have kept my eye on the great Google that is now being more and more controlled by the establishment and the sensorship agenda and lo and behold I stumble upon the Cult Of Nick at about episode 30, and again I started to feel my intelligence opening up again.

You produce such a fantastic show, and I am really enjoying listening to the podcast as the weeks go on. I love how you can freely share the full interviews that I only heard pieces of, and your own perspectives more freely. I just wanted to say thank you for making these podcasts free of charge, as they are mind altering, insane, intelligent and fantastic. I hope you continue to make them Nick as sometimes I feel like I’m slipping into peoples reality around me and it’s all pretty boring until I notice something that appears to be a shape shifting lizard on the news, and think to myself wow. My reality tunnel really gets screwed with by that podcast! It makes life much more interesting delving into the esoteric.

An interesting point you mentioned about the hexagon on Saturn at the end of the recent podcast. I just thought I would point you to this Youtube series I recently watched and thought that you would be interested in some of the areas it covers.

There's all sorts of weird and wacky stuff going on with vibrational energies, hexagons, pyramids and Icke style topics as the series progresses. Maybe even a few golden nuggets worth discussing on the podcast.

I am a big supporter of the Cult of Nick and make a point of opening the doors to people who are on our wavelength, keep up the great work El-Presidenté Nicholarse, I look forward to donating when you get the Paypal set up!

P.S. still looking for my 50p

Ryan Taylor
Anonymous said…
I've been enthralled by every episode I've listened to so far. You occupy and beautiful and unique state of mind that I genuinely appreciate and I just wanted to leave this simple statement of encouragement to keep doing what you're doing. You ARE reaching people who need to hear this and benefit from it. This is a positive contribution to the universe. Thank you.

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