082 Bitcoins John Lennon and the occult

The excerpt I reading from comes from this excellent blog: http://chycho.blogspot.ca/2013/11/the-bitcoin-bubble-or-is-it-two-charts.html

The guests featured are: Bitcoin Trader Buttons, ZeroFriendsRecordings and David Pryke.

I had minor problems compressing this and uploading it. In the event it doesn't sound right, do tell me.


Check out this episode!


Anonymous said…
The audio quality of this podcast is noticeably at a lower bitrate and the quality of sound is not as crystal clear as usual, yet another very enjoyable podcast as usual on the cult of Nick. Thanks.
Nick Margerrison said…
Yeah, you're right, I had to shrink it a bit to fit it on the server space I have with Libsyn.

That anyone has noticed makes me wonder if that was a bad idea? I could have waited and uploaded a fuller version on the Friday but... hmmm.

I mix them in full stereo in crystal clear audio.. I still have the original I think. Maybe I should make a nice version available on Soundcloud for a bit?

Anyone else got any thoughts?
Bill McGuire said…
Brilliant episode! I love the cut up style. Very Burroughsesque of you! (if that is a word).

I like when you talk with folks who create music, art, fiction, bitcoin, ect.. who also are into the occult. Nice break from all the experts.

My favorite episodes by far are the ones with all new material. Not that I don't love the old interviews.

Fight the power!
Bill McGuire

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