BBC documentary blames "the cuts" for death of Lee Rigby

Do you want some public money? Yes, yes please.
Last night's BBC Panorama documentary on the killers of Lee Rigby in the UK verged on self parody when it blamed public spending cuts for the horrific crime.

My personal opinion on who is to blame is pretty straight forward: I blame the people who ran him over and then tried to hack his head off in the street. I don't blame the "evil Tories", Tony Blair or Islam. I blame the people who actually did the crime.

The BBC's approach though, throughout the documentary, was to wonder aloud if it was perhaps words or a lack of Government funding or radicalism that might be the real cause

I find the argument tedious. All criminals have their excuses and pandering to them with a sympathetic ear seems a bad idea.

Particularly when one of their crimes is to try to cut a dead guy's head off in the middle of the street while shouting about a God.


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