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#BBCQT Hitchens matches his brother and I get called "right wing" again...

I refuse to admit that tweeting bile at politicians on a Thursday is the genuine highlight of my week. There's no need for me to admit that, it's obvious.
Nice that there's a slow growing clique of people who're also joining in as well...
My thoughts on Owen Jones are here: "Owen Jones and the folly of criticism"

Owen Jones, one day he will likely be "Lord Jones".

Hitchens is a great debater, just like his brother was. In my opinion he battered Will Self on the subject of drugs last year, despite the fact I support the idea of decriminalisation and he was arguing against it. In other words, he won an argument I wanted him to lose. My thoughts on that here:

Nick Clegg on drugs:
The recent edition of The BBC's 'Question Time' perfectly illustrated two alternative solutions to the so-called war on drugs. On the one hand you had Peter Hitchens. His suggestion is to 'actually make it a war' as, according to him, decriminalisation has happened in all but name. So, he argues, lets try actually locking people up for even the most minor infringements of the narcotics law. In that world even so much as a scratch of cannabis under your fingernails would get you hard jail time.
He's a man who I disagree with on a number of issues but he does the job he's supposed to and he does it well. He clearly articulates his honestly held opinions. Jones however is incredibly tedious, he interrupts people and seems to think it's the 1980's still. They're polar opposites, in almost every respect.
The big debate was energy bills and the price increases. This came up the week before and so to some extent we saw a re-hash of the same debates.
The problem with Owen Jones being the polar opposite of Hitchens is this:
Every now and then an audience member pops up and makes a big impact, "bloke with beard" is a classic example:
I'd side with the Yanks against Europe, just as my Granddad did when they started bombing us in the 40's. I think on reflection the word "inevitable" in this tweet boarders on the ludicrous though.
It doesn't help Owen Jones being the polar opposite of Hitchens, who looks like a bitter old man:
Owen, or "Owrn" as I decided to call him here, represents the kind of youthful fool I was once. Totally believes in the idea of politicians. He's precisely the opposite of Hitchens in this respect. Hitchens acts as if he hates all of them, if you read this blog you'll know it's hard for me not to like that.
The question was, "As politicians and political commentators what would you say to people who feel disillusioned with the current political system?". Owen Jones was the first to answer, he 'magnanimously' sympathised with the "ordinary people" spoke about class a bit, praised Caroline Flint, the Labour party representative on the panel that night and then told the "ordinary people" to sort it out by getting involved.
Then came Hitchens's response. It was note perfect. It was word for word the sentiment I wanted. He spat bile and scorn on the whole lot. His words to people who feel disillusioned with politics, in a nutshell were: "I'd agree with them". As he spoke about the things politicians will not discuss the look on the panel was priceless. Lord Jones (for that is what he will one day become) furiously tried to interrupt and stop him from talking, without any apparent sense of irony.
It's unlikely we'll see a Lord Hitchens.
Jones was then supported by Liz Truss from the Conservative Party who literally told him to "get with the programme".
"It's not Britain I hate, it's the people who run it," returned Hitchens, he then went on to point out these people are all the same and you cannot tell the difference between them.

Just perfect.

The problem agreeing so whole heartedly with someone from the Daily Mail, is:


In defence of "Russell Brand's Revolution"


The above video represents a comedian who is clearly drawing on a zeitgeist which this blog has been advocating for a while now.

A full transcript exists here:

For the last twelve months I've been pushing the idea, in one form or another, that there is a revolution coming in this country and the wider world. There are only a few details I think Brand needs during this interview to make it a near perfect addition to what us Discordians call operation mindfuck.


There are core similarities between what he's saying and what a number of other fringe thinkers advocate. Firstly, he doesn't vote. This is crucial. Voting for our system contributes to the problem, it doesn't help fix it. This is not an absolute rule, it's always possible the system may be reformed and we the people of Britain may be given a realistic set of choices. But, as things stand now we're disenfranchised by the pathetic mealy mouthed halfwits who claim to be our leaders.
JEREMY PAXMAN: No I’m not saying that. I’m saying if you can’t be arsed to vote, why should we be arsed to listen to your political point of view?
RUSSELL BRAND: You don’t have to listen to my political point of view. But it’s not that I’m not voting out of apathy. I am not voting out of absolute indifference and weariness and exhaustion from the lies, treachery and deceit of the political class that has been going on for generations now, and which has now reached fever pitch, where we have a disenfranchised, disillusioned despondent underclass that are not being represented by that political system. So voting for it is tacit complicity with that system. And that’s not something I’m offering up.
JEREMY PAXMAN: Well why don’t you change it then?
RUSSELL BRAND: I’m trying to.
JEREMY PAXMAN: Well why don’t you start by voting?
RUSSELL BRAND: I don’t think it works. People have voted already, and that’s what’s created the current paradigm.
In the UK at least, it's highly likely that the reason for this is that we do not elect our Head of State. We elect a Government who then swear alliegence to and act on behalf of Her Majesty The Queen. This is why I constantly refer in this blog to them collectively as Her Majesty's Government. Obviously this is a simplification of the situation but it focuses the mind on the reason why voting in this country is not worthwhile. The Queen, as the head of the British establishment, represents the common forces which drive politicians to do other than they have been told to by the voters. It's not a Government of the people by the people, it is a Government formed by the British establishment and it is they who have the final say. This is why voting is pointless, they're not interested in your thoughts anyway.

If anyone is confused about this fact please ask any of the people I know who voted for the Liberal Democrats if they really expected to see a Conservative-led Government? Ask them how their strategy of ignoring what people like me are saying and voting to please the likes of Paxman is working out for them?

To clarify: the issue is not about The Queen as a person, it is about what she and her unelected family's rule represents. The rule and power of the establishment over the people.
RUSSELL BRAND: A minute ago you were having a go at me because I want a revolution. Now I’m trivial.
JEREMY PAXMAN: I’m not having a go at you because you want a revolution. Many people want a revolution. But I’m asking you what it would be like.
This is a key point.

A paradigm is a way of thinking. Russell in this interview bemoans the current paradigm and earlier admits he hasn't got a clue what his revolution will look like, "I haven't invented it yet, I was busy being a drug addict". He should stick to that honest answer. Our current way of thinking is problematic and arises from our perspective of the world at the moment. It's unlikely our current way of thinking will answer the problems that will emerge in the future.

What is happening at the moment is new ways of thinking are emerging and finding large audiences without the aid of the state licensed broadcast media. We are in the middle of a huge unprecedented global awakening. This change in human consciousness has long been expected and is often described as an "apocalypse". That word actually means "the revealing" and few would argue we do not currently live in very revealing times, thanks to the internet.

In other words as I write, a far wider number of perspectives are being offered by the internet to everyone on the planet. This "revolution" enchanted by the likes of Russell's key influencers such as David Icke, Bill Hicks, Terrence McKenna and the rest, is one which will occur within the minds of the people. It will not be something that is imposed upon them. It is known as The Revolution in The Head and I advocate it strongly here:
The revolution in the head, the only kind of revolution that is effective. This is more likely now than ever before if you combine our right to free speech with the fact each of us has access to a global communications system. The world’s Governments are no longer in the same position, we are now more powerful collectively than ever before and ‘with great power comes great responsibility’. Thus the truly revolutionary path becomes: sort yourself out, communicate with others and change for the better becomes inevitable.
I’m serious when I claim my status as a proud “coffee shop” revolutionary, I can’t stress how crucial the idea is becoming to my belief system, a revolution of any kind is useless unless it involves people changing the way in which they think. That’s why American foreign policy fails (in terms of its stated aim) to spread democracy and instead we end up with Presidents blabbering on about winning “hearts and minds” as their soldiers drown in the ensuing bloodbath. In a similar vein this is also why violent revolutions tend to leave behind dictators who have the unenviable task of trying to indoctrinate everyone into accepting their particular reality tunnel as the only possible point of view.
This brings us to the crucial difference between education and indoctrination. The former teaches you how to think where the latter tells you what to think. For example, indoctrination is practiced most obviously in mathematics when it comes to learning your times tables, you memorise them by saying them over and over again. You only stop once they are part of your reality tunnel and 6×6 appears to so obviously be 36 that you can stop thinking about it. It’s apt that many people do not appreciate the difference between this and an education which also teaches you how to think and why we believe 6×6 is 36. You can often spot beliefs enforced by indoctrination rather than education if, when you ask someone why they think something, they get annoyed or irritated rather than give you a reasoned answer. Rote learning clearly supports a number of our society’s establishment-serving points of view but the ability to think clearly supports us and will inevitably improve society. The establishment do not want an educated public capable of self actualisation. They want idiots as slaves, not adults. The net allows for everyone to try different ideas out and learn which suits their needs and nation best. The most important tool you require to use it efficiently with is the ability to think for yourself.
In other words, everyone's "revolution" will be unique and come from within themselves. The need Paxman has to make it prescriptive and one-size-fits-all is a trap that previous generations have fallen into and seems always to result in people being pushed about and told what to do.

As soon as you attach labels to your point of view, as Brand does at points in this interview, all they become is price tags for the establishment:
"Oh, he want's socialism? Thank God, we've done that one before. I reckon we can use this guy to put up taxation."
"Oh, he's one of those eco-warriors? Great, lets get him to trick the masses into higher taxation."
"Oh, thank God, he's a communist, we can handle this one with a few more taxes."

This piece was written in a bit of a rush so minor corrections may become necessary over time.

PS In the unlikely event Brand reads this I offer only encouragement. You seem far more sincere that I ever imagined and I apologise for being a bit mean about you on Kerrang Radio years ago.


075 The demon episode

This episode features an interview with James Randi, his website is here:

It also features Howard Bloom, one of the most interesting minds on planet earth at the moment:

The music is from Zero Friends recordings.

This episode also features a mad occult ritual designed to call up a demon. Don't listen if you're scared of such things...

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#BBCQT - pretty much the same episode as last week tbh...

Got back in time from my socialising and ka-boom!

Typos never fail to extract dignity from a tweet. "This Government's changed not a jot" would've been better. I also take the point that I probably go on about the left wing a little too much. I do so not in order to advocate the "opposing side" of right wing but to point out the absurdity of believing there's a visible difference when they pop in a new Prime Minister. All the key issues remain the same. Capital punishment is very popular, we're told we live in a democracy, but still there's no chance it'll ever come back with the current system. The EU, few like it, no one voted for it, still we have it. There are countless such issues.

The irony is that those who oppose them often do so by trying to match them with tyranny of equal force. I find this deeply tiresome. The hippies who popped flowers in gun barrels made more of a statement than The Weathermen. The "nationalists" who flaunt their flags so aggressively hold no appeal for me but I am patriotic in the sense that I love my friends and family and the majority of them come from this country. Also, I have a lot invested in it after years of them stealing from my monthly paychecks and I use this nation's language, respect its borders and am part of its culture.

Then came the question, should we still trust the police? The possible scope of the problems currently being reported as regards Her Majesty's Police is genuinely terrifying. I've ALWAYS favoured them in almost every argument and debate I've had on the radio. My trust in them was (and perhaps still is) rock solid despite various friends and relatives speaking to the contrary. The implications of the so-called Plebgate scandal are shocking to me but have yet to be widely understood in the popular consciousness. This added to the depressing transcripts of Sir Jimmy Savile behaving as the title her majesty gave him suggests he would are a big worry. My favourite panelist (no, that does not mean I agree with him all the time) Peter Oborne nailed it, his faith in them has been rocked.

#bbcqt don't criticise schools, it's racist against teachers!!

Usual round up of The BBC's Question Time.

My thoughts on, one of the pannellists, Diane Abbot are recorded in an old blog entry here. She seems to me to have gotten worse with time, not better. I hope she is no longer "dubious of black people" who claim not to have experienced racism. Personally, unlike her, I don't think the colour of someone's skin has to be relevant to the way they choose to think and see the world.
Mates of mine are now starting to assemble at my house when Question Time is on. We have a system:
We're developing a scene.
Militax is a useful nickname for anything Ed Miliband (leader of the opposition) suggests that will result in a direct increase in the amount of tax people pay. This issue is not considered nearly enough in the UK. People seem almost blind to the manner in which they are having their money stolen off them each month for largely absurd reasons and to pay for many things they'd never consent to giving their hard earned cash to.

The next day, after energy bill prices had dominated the news agenda because the Labour leader made a speech suggesting he was going to freeze them once in power, sure enough they went up again:

It's a complex issue and I think I support nationalisation of core services such as electricity and gas.

The key issue here though is taxation.

The majority of my readers to this blog, even the Question Time posts, are from 'the land of the free and home of the brave', so a little explanation is needed because core ideas in American politics are often absent in the UK. There's a kind of down-your-nose look people adopt when speaking of private enterprise and people making huge profits, particularly if they're from poorer backgrounds and do not have an award from the Queen. John Lennon, who handed his award back and became a figure of fun in the UK media shortly afterwards, used to remark that he felt people in the UK saw him as being alike to a lucky lottery winner rather than talented and hardworking artist. Added to this is the fact cutting taxation rarely comes up as a vote winner. There's little chance a politician would win votes promising "no more taxes" in 'merry old England'.

Hopefully these attitudes are changing now thanks to the internet and our ability to hear uncensored opinion.

Then Abbot dropped her bombshell, you can't criticise schools because it's not fair on the hardworking teachers!!

This was in reference to Norman Baker, the new Home Office Minister for Her Majesty's Government, who thinks Dr David Kelly was murdered and that MI5 helped cover it up. I don't take that view personally but I can't see why it makes him unsuitable to work in that role. Very odd how some people are keen to condemn rather than encourage different perspectives on life.

Not the most exciting Question Time but certainly not a boring one. Not sure if I'll be able to make this Thursday or not. Might tweet along, 'as live', the next day...


074 The Oversoul and The Campaign For Philosophical Freedom

Looks like I'm going to be adding a donate button to the podcast. I put a hundred quid in there for hosting costs at the start of all this thinking it'd last me ages, it has, more than a year! I reckon if half the audience pops a quid in we're cool for another year or more, happy days.

This podcast is recorded in a slightly odd way, my spoken bits were done in total ignorance of the interview I was going to pick from the archives. Listening to it I think we picked a good match, Michael Roll from The Campaign For Philosophical Freedom. If enough people agree I might contact him and see how the search for a psychic went.

Music, as always, from

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Thanks to Paul Munkey for pointing out that there are two 072 episodes... my mistake!

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The Oversoul

In response to the cult of nick podcast.

The god mind. What is it? Simply put it is/relates to the theory of "the higher self" (Robert Bruce's astral dynamics gives a good solid description)

For those unaware of the term higher self I shall elaborate. The higher self is a phrase used to describe you behind you. A guardian angel, the place where thoughts come from, the part of you that is separate from your ego/current consciousness. A higher form of consciousness.

It is believed that meditating and affirmations to your higher self can effect your current conscious world and is used to navigate the astral planes.

The god mind or the oversoul is simply an "alternate look" at this theory, both tying in to the law of attraction.

The law of attraction is a belief that you can gain or cause something to happen based on believing and visualising it as already solid fact. An example would be the get rich quick self help phrase "in order to become a rich man you must think like a rich man" A rich man knows he is rich, knows he deserves money where as a poor man is stuck being poor.

Hopefully this has shed some light on the topic of the gods mind. I thank you for reading this far and if anyone would like to rewrite this blog post to a finer edit point I implore you to do so.

072 Repeaters and the oversoul

Short piece with David Icke, a bigger piece with Bruce Gernon and some words from me.

I mention an idea which I'm currently trying to digest in this podcast, I'd hugely appreciate thoughts on it from fellow CON members. It's "the oversoul" idea. The god mind, the secret doctrine, this notion that there's a form of biological internet that envelopes the earth and provides ideas to people. I don't see why people believe in it, at all. If you do try and explain why in a comment on this blog

Music on this podcast, as usual, from


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I resume shouting at the telly: #BBCQT

The BBC's Question Time programme has been back on for two weeks but my updates and "reviews" have been absent from this blog, why?

Well, it's because I'd foolishly got used to having a life, attending social engagements and so forth. That's over now, Question Time is back and so are my little "reviews"!

If you're a new reader to the blog, here's how it works, I sit and shout at the telly with Twitter on the go and then look back through my feed and pick out the better tweets and post them here on your favourite occult/political/satirical/nonsense blog[1].

The pre-amble to this (which a mate said was like watching someone getting ready for a football match) involved me "clarifying the issues" a little:
Nutter murders someone on bus. Full story here[2]:

It annoys me to see the #censorshipagenda being touted so blatantly by the state funded BBC. They always seem to forget that if people don't like The Daily Mail they can stop buying it, unlike their legally enforced mandatory funding model.

Even today I read in my Twitter feed people lapping this bullshit up because they think the world would be a better place if Her Majesty's Government could just write a few little rules for everyone...
... I spent years in broadcasting wondering what I could and could not say. It's a hellish situation to find yourself in and I can very much imagine a world where everyone has to try and enter that mindset before they go online. That's their agenda here, it's got nothing to do with anything else. They want to control the net in the same way they control the broadcast media. The papers are not currently governed by the same rules as TV and radio, largely because in the past people thought free speech was important.

In a nutshell my position is this: they have no right to restrict your thoughts or words and you should only suffer consequences for direct specific threats or telling harmful lies such as the classic "fire in a crowded room" warning. Her Majestey's Government must stop thinking it is allowed to limit what you can say to your fellow humans.

This principle is so important it over rides almost all my other key ideas. It means I am prepared to defend "lads mags" and "The Daily Mail" despite the fact doing so always costs me twitter followers and blog readers. Free speech is not and never will be popular but it's essential to the new world being created around us. Without it we will live in tyranny for many years to come.

Deep breath...
This tweeter nailed the irony of my preamble perfectly:

The above tweeter makes a fair point which I half agree with. I harp on about "the left" and "leftys" a little too much. I think it's because I used to be so entrenched in their point of view that I'm now a little like one of those irritating evangelical atheists. I like the idea that someone might be snapped out of calling themselves "left wing" by my goading but, truth be told, that's quite unlikely.

At this point in proceedings things kicked off a little though because as you will see from the tweet at the top of this page me and my little crew of tweeters got picked up and retweeted by the official BBC Question Time feed...
"Cult members" leapt into action and the death of the left right paradigm meme was pushed by all...

And then the re-tweeted tweet was ruined when it was revealed to contain a spelling error, livid:
It's a failed tweet. Just like the special sign I made, to emphasise what nonsense this fake media outrage story about The Daily Mail not liking Marxism is:

Meh, no such thing as failure, only feedback.

Blair + Webb = Grunt Shapps

Then 'Chairman of The Conservative Party', Grunt Shapps, started talking and claiming his party would get us out of the EU.

LBC listeners may remember I renamed his lot "The sTory Party" because all they ever do is lie and tell lies and keep lying, all you'll ever hear from them are tall tales and stories:
A few of my twitter followers actually got seats in the audience but I've had no confirmation from them as to how it went.

It always amuses me when the nuts and bolts stuff comes up because politicians can't deal with the debate:

They do, politicians, they work for you. You are in charge of them and they should do as you say. The time when this will be the case is coming. I believe this now more than I ever have.

Also, I re-wrote the Starbucks, Taxation and The Apocalypse piece for Disinfo here and some of the comments are brilliant. Go check it out.

Nick Margerrison.


[1] This one. This is your favourite one. That's what I'm implying here. Just to be clear, in case you prefer a "proper" blog. Screw you, see if I care. I'm not bothered. Well, I am a bit. Not much though. Even if this is not your favourite blog I write for myself and, well, err.. actually there's quite a few good blogs out there. Lets not get so bogged down with "favourite" this or "favourite" that, yeah? Everyone's blog is my favourite, sort of.

[2] Boo hoo, you can't call him a nutter, that's mean. No, murdering people is evil and in my mind defines him as a nutter, by which I mean he cannot think straight. I respect not the diagnosis of psychiatrists. Their job is to help people who feel mentally unwell, not project those problems into wider society with limiting beliefs about people.

072 Scientology and your core values

This interview is from the Kerrang archives. It caused a huge controversey at the time because it was offensive to people who claimed to be party of Anonymous group. It's not an overly critical interview but, if you're familiar with my style, it's not unusual particularly for me to let guests speak for themselves.

The music on this podcast is from Zero Friends Recordings.

My twitter is here. Tweet me and tell me what you make of the exercise at the end.

Nick Margerrison

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