085 Magnum Opus

A review of the year gets a little intense and hardcore...

We nail the story of Robinson Ant, a clear highlight.

Features little clips of George Carlin, The Artist Taxi Driver, Lee Camp, The Dredd film.

Music featured is mainly from www.zerofriendsrecordings.co.uk

But, there's a nice little piece in there from https://soundcloud.com/samiransari

Another episode will follow shortly, with an interview from the archives, as this one was late...

My Twitter: www.twitter.com/nickmargerrison

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Potla said…
Hi Nick, I have to say I can't remember which podcast it was. But there was one show where you explained how critics show more about their selves than the criticized. Since you explained this it had radically changed the way I look at people and situations.

It's utterly mind blowing how true the concept is, and I can't believe I have never seen it before. Everything is so much different now, as I can see a completely different story to arguments between people.

It is very strange having such a widened perception of people when you start to realise that they are sharing so much about their selves than you ever realised before. It makes debates/arguments so much easier now as I fail to get angry and emotional, as I'm more focused on the reality to what they are saying. It also makes it so much easier to resolve these conflicts, as like you say you never lose an argument, just gain an education.

Just thought I would mention that anyway, proud to be a listener in the cult of Nick, gaining educations in every podcast. Looking forward to hearing the next half of the Magnum Opus.
Nicholarse said…


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