087 Fars News Agency's main source for the ET agenda

It appears one of the main sources of this recent news story about the extraterrestrial agenda at the heart of the US Government, which was posted by the semi-official Iranian news agency Fars, happens to be a guy I interviewed quite some time back on my old Kerrang show. His name is Charles Hall and his interview is featured in this exciting installment of your favourite podcast*!

We also have feedback from the listeners regarding the rights and wrongs of advertising and basic income.

And Eris D drops in right at the end to say hello, it's taken from the old TV show and it was voiced by the still very lovely Amy Jones.

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*This podcast. This is your favourite podcast. You love it. You know you do. Well, c'mon, it's pretty good these days isn't it?

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Anonymous said…
A truly remarkable interview.

I went and looked up his series (now five) of books. Clearly, they have found a willing audience.

His brain cannot merely have been left with its circuits blown by traumatic experiences in Vietnam: he is lucid throughout and cites the mostly-forgotten 'Michelson-Morley experiment' which set a new bar for precise measurement.

Nowadays, it's just thought of as disproving the theory of aether [sic] and laying the foundations for Einstein's theory of Special Relativity.

Charles Hall is quite a find - and I'm with you in wishing that I'd paid more attention in my physics classes.

Looking forward to the next Cult of Nick episode.


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