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088 The Non Rational Perspective

Peter Russell features from the archives, a great guest. Truely superb:

We get into the EU's army, which has been long predicted.

We also deal with direct democracy.

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James Flynn said...

Wow. Everytime I listen to one of your podcasts you turn everything I know upside down. Thinking that science will eventually come up with an answer to something is a belief system in itself?
It kind of sounds like when people say that atheism is just another religion, which I don't think is true.
After listening to this last night and waking up this morning, I can see the concept, but I just don't think trusting science or having "faith" in science is quite the same as having trust or faith in spirituality.
However, like yourself I am inclined to change my mind a lot, and won't be able to stop thinking about this one...
James Flynn

hrmtcl said...

here's a pretty similar sentiment to the 'enlightened' way of thinking about aggrevations and/or 'sheeple'

Nick Margerrison said...

Both great comments - thanks!

Paul Perrin said...

Think its worth mentioning - UKIP policy is *not* for an EU referendum. UKIP policy is to *leave* the EU.

If a UKIP government is elected it will take the UK out of the EU.

UKIP only support a 'referendum' on this as that is the best they can expect from LibLabCon.

2015 could be the year UK leaves - no questions asked.

Nick Margerrison said...

Despite a number of approaches, one claiming to be semi-official, I do not and never will vote for UKIP. That said a lot of my recent writing and much of my on air work towards the end of my time at LBC might have given the impression I would.

Thanks for the clarification Paul, you might also enjoy this piece:

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