We should be allowed to vote on policies not "agendas"

CORE IDEA: We should be allowed to vote on specific policies rather than political parties.
Owen Jones, lording it up

Allowing the likes of this little bloke, Owen Jones[1] and his mates, with their "agendas" to rule over us for years and only ever ask our opinion on anything once in a blue moon is not a democracy. It has created a tyranny of the political class and whether he likes it or not Jones is one of them.

The people don't need a voice or leaders, they can lead and speak for themselves. They need power and the way things are going, if they don't get it, they'll take it in the end. I want to avoid such a confrontation and so advocate a "revolution in the head" which in short works like this: sort yourself out, take responsibility for your life and the world will follow. As part of this I think we need a system that recognises the general public are in charge here, not the politicians in Her Majesty's Government, their propagandists or even The Queen herself.

So, we should call referendums on key issues frequently. That will change everything forever. Furthermore, don't you think it's an idea which has a ring of the inevitable about it? From my perspective the democratising power of the net almost demands it. I don't think we need "left wing" or "right wing" dogmatists, instead we could do with debates and regular votes on important issues, that'd do just fine.

If you're drawing a sharp intake of breath at this line I'm pushing ask yourself why, is it because you think people are stupid? If so, who told you that? Was it the broadcast media, the newspapers, the television, or is it you? Are you the one who has noticed stupidity everywhere you turn? If so, go read this and then come back later: THE LAW OF PROJECTION.

Don't misunderstand me, I don't wholly disagree with the article which inspired this piece, as featured in The Independent. But neither do I wholly agree with it either. You will likely be the same. No one really wholly agrees or disagrees with anyone ever. That's what's so great about our society's core values of free speech and democracy. They both account for the fact we don't, won't and can't always agree.

This is the bit I agreed with:

"The gentleman’s agreement of British politics, which ensures that our national political debate is kept on the terms of the wealthy and powerful, has to end. But our history shows that change is never given: it has to be demanded. [...] This isn’t about left or right."

Nice to see him catching up on that little thought bomb regarding THE DEATH OF THE LEFT RIGHT PARADIGM.

Here's are a few examples of policies I think we should seriously debate and which would implode any "gentleman's agreement(s) of British politics". Furthermore, they could be questions we can revisit four or five years later, in case people feel they've changed their minds and made a mistake.

After all they are the ones who are in power, not The Queen, not her politicians, not anyone else other than the human collective who live on these Islands we call Britain. Some seem to have forgotten that is the very meaning of the word democracy[2]:


1 - Lending money with interest makes the rich richer and the poor poorer: should we consider a more Islamic approach where we banish this from our society?

The rich are getting richer, it's the one consistent trend in your life aside from death and taxes. Sit around blaming everyone else if you like. Or marvel at how clever the rich are if you're so inclined. The core reason behind it seems to be a simple mathematical problem. On the one hand, if you have money in our society the banking and financial system will give you more. That's why people want to win the lottery, they want to do nothing and live on the interest. On the other hand, if you need money the system lends you some and then charges you an additional fee which goes from your hands through the banks and into the pockets of its richest customers.

It's a pisser but there we are. That's why we're headed for another financial collapse. They'll blame it on the poorest in our society, who've been sucked dry by vampires at the top who want to live off their status forever.

Abolish lending money with interest and reduce the incentive to hoard cash. More here: http://disinfo.com/2013/02/beyond-god-and-money/

2 - In or Out of the EU?

Just that question. Not, aren't UKIP idiots, yuman rights, or anything else to do with the theatre of nonsense they use to distract you with. Just real simple: is concentrated centralised power in Europe a good idea and still something we want to be part of, yes or no?

3 - Legalise recreational drugs, all of them if possible.

Illegal recreational drugs fund organised crime to the tune of billions each year. Law and order is breaking down in this country because we have crime gangs who have better resources than our law enforcement agencies. It's that simple. It's a ticking time bomb. It'll go off in the near future.

4 - Referendum before war.

Governments must require a referendum before we start killing people abroad. In every instance, without exceptions. Turns out the philosopher Immanuel Kant was big on this but despite studying him I seem to have missed that part of his work during my 'Government approved' education.

5 - Abolish the monarchy, no ifs, no buts, game over.

It's against everything I think we need in our society. You should work to earn your position, not inherit it at birth. I'm sick of hearing people who moan about benefits being awarded to those with bugger all who simultaneously have a curious blindness to the fact we dole out a fortune to the Queen and Her "Royal" Family[3].

Don't be fooled into thinking she and her son have no power:

None of these policies would be final, all could be revoked by the only real political power in the land, people power. We could ask the questions again every four or five years. We could add others as well. Taxation seems like a big problem but it's beyond my ability to articulate an alternative. The abolition of capital punishment was not widely agreed with at the time, that would be a debate I'd enjoy trying to tackle, I don't agree with the Government killing it's own people.

My overall point here is this: You might think one, two, three, or four of these policies are nonsense but if you agree with only one, why throw away a possible alliance? Because you think I'm "right wing" because you think I'm "left wing". Because you think I am important in this equation and, I'm not. You are. You're the one who knows what is right for you, at this time. No one else. In a society where we advocate democracy on specific issues the likes of Owen Jones will remain a "Mr" rather than become a "Sir".

All of these ideas are biggies. Even just one of them being seriously debated, let alone even happening, in our lifetime would change this nation forever, and in my opinion, for the better. But as things stand at the moment even the likelihood of a referendum on Europe looks remote to my politically cynical eyes.

The likes of Jones and those who cower under the fear of not being described as "left wing" anymore fear everyone being asked about big questions like this. They lack faith in the goodness of humanity. They describe those featured in the TV show Benefits Street as grotesque propaganda.
You see where, Owen Jones, with his finger pointing and demagoguery, wants to go once the media career runs dry. Him and his mates in The New Labour Order can't wait for another go in the driving seat when they can do fuck all again, other than attack nations we've never heard of and bail out their mates in the banking system, then have people congratulate them only for not being "the evil Tories".

Nick Margerrison.

[1] Mark my words, it'll be Lord Owen Jones in the future, just like Mandelson, Sugar, Prescott and the rest. In my profession I've seen his like a million times before, he's part of the media establishment yet claims to be "one of the people". If you want to read about his agenda it's here: http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/comment/owen-joness-agenda-for-hope-we-want-a-fairer-society--and-heres-how-we-can-achieve-it-9086440.html

[2] From Wikipedia: "The term originates from the Greek δημοκρατία (dēmokratía) "rule of the people",[1] which was coined from δῆμος (dêmos) "people" and κράτος (kratos) "power" or "rule"".
That's what it means. It means we the people are the ones in power. Doesn't feel like that yet does it?

[3] Sorry, this bit of the blog was illegal for you to read if you live in the UK: "You can STILL be jailed for being a republican, government confirms, and it remains illegal to even 'imagine' overthrowing the Queen" The Independent


Anonymous said…
Nicolarse for el presidente.
Anonymous said…
I actually think Owen Jones is great! - BUT - having said that �� there is a growing community...and getting stronger by the day - that doesn't believe the current 'system' works. I have to agree with that. Once a Party is in 'Power' - no matter WHAT Party - they always go back on their word, and ultimately don't listen to their 'people'
There is one Politician that I admire at this present time ( and she is from a Party I definitely despise - Tory! ) that Baroness Wassi. If we had Politicians who not only stood up for what they believed in ( cause let's face it, the vast majority are liars, who ARE just in it for gain ) and stood up for what the people believed in, then I would happily vote next year, with a skip in my step ( just in case the DWP are reading - no I didn't mean that literally, but my wheelchair doesn't really skip �� )

I live the idea of regular debates that actually GET the people of this Country INVOLVED. I certainly feel powerless to change the current way Government as a whole is run, and I know there are thousands upon thousands who feel the same.
neiallswheel said…
Such an excellent collection of ideas, and counter narratives. I would like to see this piece change format, into an informative video
Something like the RSA does on YouTube, (though something tells me they MIGHT refuse) perhaps a few students could mash it up into a visual interpretation.
Make it go viral Nick,
It has a life of its own man, and deserves to walk free, amongst the greats.

Justice requires justice

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