Dear Google,

Will you please f--k off with your Google Plus bollocks?

I use social networks and rank them in the following order:

Twitter - a friend I like hanging out with.

Facebook - a friend I am getting a bit bored of because they've become over clingy.

Google Plus - a weird stalker who I have never met and who has a deeply concerning unusual interest in me.

Now, I'm busy at the moment but I fully intend to move to WordPress at the soonest opportunity. The only problem I have is that I've been a faithful user of BLOGGER for many, many, many years and the move will take up a lot of my valuable time. This blog began in 2005, that's a lot of data for me to transfer so ironically the difficulty is down to the fact that I am what most companies would have considered to be a valued customer. I feel that you consider me only as a mark, a bit of data waiting to be categorized, one of the cattle to be herded into your sinister Google + operation which I have absolutely no interest in. The reason I feel this is because I have, numerous times, clicked buttons that make it clear I don't want to be part of your Google +.

I signed up to Blogger before you bought it. At the time you made no indication you were going to use this as a way of FORCING people to sign up to your shitty "social networking" site. Do make sure you include in your market research that one of the main reasons I now despise it is because it is being pushed so hard. Today I couldn't log in without more desperate attempts from you to get me to put my mobile number in or officially sign up for Google Plus, which I suspect you've done on my behalf already anyway.

Social networks can be liberating opportunities to enjoy discussions with friends and family but equally they can become deeply intrusive spy networks which put private and sensitive information onto a GLOBAL COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEM for all to see.

Your Google + operation appears to me to be the worst of the lot because it is using coercion to get its way.

Yours Sincerely,

Nick Margerrison


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