EU agenda to forge a military superpower finally admitted

Aljazeera reports on an announcement by Germany's new defence minister:
In the long term European national armies should be merged into a European military because "unified armed forces are a logical consequence of an ever-increasing military cooperation in Europe," said the minister
Finally they are admitting their true agenda. They have denied it, over and over again[1]. There will likely be denials from Her Majesty's Government still to come. But the truth is this, and I warned you of it at the time: Her Majesty's Prime Minister effectively signed up to an EU army last year but the reality hasn't sunk in yet.

What worries me is many people literally do not realise they've been so dramatically misled. Now as the truth is laid bare by Germany's new defence minister, Ursula von der Leyen, as she describes an EU army as an obvious "logical consequence" it's going to be played like a done deal. The so-called conspiracy theorists have pushed this counter narrative to the establishment's denials for some time now. I feel personally involved in the deception because against my better judgement I believed the official story for a while after being told such ideas were just "racist conspiracy theories". However the counter narrative is unfolding as the truth before your eyes and the denials are melting away.

The spectacle of a combined European fighting force should strike terror into your heart, if it doesn't you are not paying attention to the lessons of history. Not long ago European federalists, of which Hitler was one, were building and firing rockets at Great Britain as they attempted to grow a sinister "master race" to rule the world with. That's not science fiction, that's actually what was happening. The battle between nations was put on hold only when the combined military might of The USSR, The United States of America and the crumbling British Empire, who fought against this tyranny alone for a while, was brought to bare on the resource rich European New World Order.

One thing people who study these matters tend to notice is history has a habit of repeating itself in spiral like patterns. The same things keep coming up, over and over again. This is because the people playing the individual roles might look different but the same ideas continue to wrestle in the heavens of idea space.[2] The lessons of European history have not been learned and our nations are still stuck with core misunderstandings.

The might is right philosophy of Global Empire have been redesigned and given another name, it is "Liberal Interventionism"[3]. Germany's plans to engage more strongly in Africa in support of French intervention is a good example. They justify it in such stark terms you are made to look bad if you dare raise questions. The Defence Minister says Germany "cannot look the other way when murder and rape are a daily occurrence, if only for humanitarian reasons.". However, we must look the other way when the issue of a command and control centre being re-established in mainland Europe is raised.

Hitler was "left wing", "liberal" and he was "liberating" his people as far as he was concerned. The ideas which drove him though have been over simplified though slogans and mantras as people concluded that "it's just" racism that was the problem. It's not, it's the mindset of someone who thinks they can force others to do, say and think, what they are told all the time. It's the mindset of dogmatic authoritarian "rationalism". All these ideas are outgrowths of the faith based belief that there's a rational explanation for everything somewhere, and if there isn't, it's only that we've not found it yet. The truth though is that people are non-rational, we're not robots. We're not able to understand everything, no one does, we ALWAYS might be wrong.

The dangers of racism are one thing but the core philosophy which drove Hitler on was Fascism, another outgrowth of the unquestioned political ideology of rationalism. Fascism is the idea that one set of ideas and behaviours is the only way in which to behave. In a modern context it's based on a misunderstanding of evolution, as some kind of linear narrative where you start as one thing and "move up" the steps towards perfection. That's not how evolution works, successful species and societies allow for as wide a variety of ideas and lifestyles as possible. The less rules you have the better.

Killing, violence, excessive coercion, these things are wrong because they limit human potential. Hitler understood this not. The Europeans, who speak of imposing their order upon the world, are the same.

It's terrible to think our ancestors, only a few generations ago, fought and died to prevent precisely this world which is now being granted because bureaucracy and ignorance.

It has to be challenged.

They lie, or keep people in the dark, or both. I was told that to speak about the FACT they're planning and building a European Army was a "racist", "conspiracy theory".

There is hope, the net makes fools the establishment on a regular basis and ignorance is becoming harder and harder for them to enforce. Their bureaucratic systems of control are consistently exposed on-line. The Savile stuff was a conspiracy theory, the NSA stuff was a conspiracy theory, the non-existence of Weapons of Mass Destruction, the list goes on. These things are counter narratives but in the end only those that stand up to criticism and reality are the ones which will win. And that includes the establishment's version of events.

Key question: why are they are lying to you? If the EU is so great, and maybe it has its advantages, why do they lie to you and call people "racists" or "Little Englanders"? I've yet to hear any good reasons why we must be part of the EU, instead I hear constant ad hominem attacks[4] on those who say we should pull out. Why not instead debate the inherent issues regarding centralisation of power and the crushing of other nations and their reality tunnels?

In my opinion UKIP are proving to be a valuable distraction from the core issues. Their half witted MPs who think gays cause weather changes or whatever are great fun to laugh at but notice, it's got nothing to do with the core issue they stand for yet it's the main story our broadcast media goes for. Focus instead upon this: in no uncertain terms the politicians are lying to you about this issue related to European integration, or, they are operating with seriously limited information.
If we ever get the chance to vote on the EU, and I'll believe it when I see it, this confirms that those who are suspicious of what is going on here are telling you things that in the fullness of time are provably the case and those who advocate the EU do so with lies, or limited information and scepticism.

In the next few years you should prepare yourself for a huge stream of unmitigated nonsense on the topic before we get the chance to have a referendum. Key members of all the political parties in Her Majesty's Government have formed a special propaganda task force to push a public relations campaign forward which will prepare us to vote the right way when the time comes. Throughout all of this always ask yourself, why will further centralisation of power help us when throughout history we've always understood the following maxim: power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.
We do not have a functioning democracy as it is and now the management class, this anti-democratic cabal intent on forming the EU, are close to getting an even more complex bureaucracy to occlude their deeds with. Their plan is the same plan they've always had: total world domination. They intend to force those who have a different point of view to comply and will use both insult and injury to achieve their aims. However, if the apparent Global Awakening that we're in now continues they will not win because they are now heading towards something they've never had to Govern before, an educated populace.

Nick Margerrison

[1] The original denial is here: 

It has now been deleted, maybe that's because it reads like a series of deliberate lies. Maybe Jack Straw was confused or working with limited information, who knows, who cares. It wasn't true and it got taken down, even though that was where I was sent when told to "get my facts straight".

Unfortunately for the advocates of the EU in Her Majesty's Government the error is preserved here:

I go into more detail on this topic in a popular article from 2012: 

[2] Idea space. The place where ideas exist. Your mind joined with everyone else's. Mystical concept which therefore works as a metaphor for the human experience. Alan Moore's 'Great Work' Promethea calls it "Immateria". Others call it the collective unconscious:

[3] Wikipedia has a good definition here: Judge them though, not by what they say but what they do and what actually occurs. Iraq is a mess, a total mess, so is Afganistan. More often than not reform comes from within, not without. We'd never have had the enlightenment if it had been forced upon us by another country. Never.


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