Highlights from my little Twitter spat with Eric Joyce MP

I suspect he will delete the argument when he wakes up in the afternoon, presumably nursing a sore head after the debate.

He blocked me after being unable to explain what would be so wrong with putting bombing another country to a referendum. Thanks to all the Twitter followers who continued to plug the question afterwards.

As I understand it the counter arguments to such an idea are as follows:

1, We couldn't launch a surprise attack.

Anyone making this argument assumes we are happy with being a first strike nation. I assume you see force as a last resort.

2, It might mean we never defend ourselves.

This assumes the Great British people are cowards, I believe the contrary. In the even of a referendum decision to go to war the real fibre of our nation would become apparent as the war effort would be widely supported.

3, We couldn't maintain our international agreements.

This makes plain the fact such agreements are not made with a democratic mandate.

Any additional counter arguments I would be very keen to read in the comments section.

Bit of background on the MP in question: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-scotland-politics-17310549


Anonymous said…
Eric Joyce has the charisma of Alan Bar'stard.

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