Klaus Dona's almost unbelievable artifacts

Too good to be true?
This is a picture of an "ancient artifact" which "researcher" Klaus Dona owns. He claims it was found in Ecuador and is many thousands of years old.

Those initiated in the conspiracy theory subculture will be thrilled to notice it looks exactly like the famous 'eye in the triangle' pyramid and capstone of Freemasonry. The same symbol, which taunts some from its position on the back of a US dollar bill, now pops a cheeky little wink at them from the world of pre-history. The piece is said to be more than 6,000 years old and allegedly has writing on it which pre-dates Sanskrit and reads: "The son of the creator comes". It even has 13 steps, a crucial detail for many. His interview with Project Avalon gives more details, including the fact there's a picture of the Orion star system on the bottom of the piece.

The only thing is, he's the only source of information I can locate on this quite unbelievable find. I'm starting to think it's one of those, too good to be true, "facts" like the old 'pyramid' and 'alien face' on Mars that we had such fun with in the 80's. Does anyone know any more about this, aside from Klaus's testimony?


Thanks to one commentator from Facebook who points out Klaus more recently discovered the bones of a 25 foot giant human! Ace. Case closed? Comments welcome.

Nick Margerrison


Anonymous said…

Watch this, i think this guy knows what he is talking about.
Daniel Escobar said…
I have the other rock, while I don't buy into all the sci-fi conspirancy theories I can say it does exists and was found in Ecuador in the 1980s
Anonymous said…
You may like to know (possibly not considering your seemingly overall "I`m not gonna believe it" stance) this 7.6 metre bones have been studied by specialists and experts in the human skeleton...these have been scientifically (I guess this would be another of your fave group of people you commit your beliefs to,so it shouldn`t be too hard for you to believe,eh ?) examined and more to the point,verified as being legitimate...but you go right on back to your "news"papers and TV to get what you "know is true"...and then you`ll live happily ever after,safe in the knowledge that nothing is hidden from you.

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