Referendum before war

Before our Government is allowed to commit to the use of military force they must have the backing of a nationwide public referendum

Tony Blair
The brave men and women of our armed forces are told they have signed up to defend us and our way of life. The betrayal of their trust in the state, which instead sends them to foreign lands to fight in wars where they are not clearly supported by a majority at home, has to stop.

We owe a debt of gratitude to them for their commitment and love of the place we call home. That some do not accept this is a symptom of the way Governments consistently ignore the will of the people on the issue of military action. In times of peace it's almost impossible to imagine how badly their bravery will be required if a genuine military threat to our nation emerges. We can repay them by advocating a more common sense approach to their use.

If you understand and agree with this idea, that Governments must require a referendum before we start killing people abroad, what you must do now is popularise it. Re-write this blog post in your own words and on your own social media presence. Allow the thought itself to gather momentum and pass from mind to mind until all are familiar with it. Then, once widely understood but detached from its original source, our establishment will have difficulty discrediting it.

The responses I've encountered when advocating referendum before war are revealing. I do not believe there is one which does not force people to admit they favour our Government murdering people without provocation. Or at least, without provocations widely and easily understood by us, their masters. The taxpayers, who pay their wages while also building and buying their killing machines for them. A further awful irony is that in the main it's "ordinary people" whose sons and daughters will go on to endure the horrors of war. Imagine how it must feel for those who do. Most people convincingly argue you can't. You can only try. In the event they all knew our nation had, by a majority, voted in support of what they did I'm convinced their burden would be eased. Finally, if we committed to a public vote on the issue and then were ever led into military action on false pretences those who did so would have a case to answer which goes far beyond what they currently encounter.

Political power is as nothing more than candlelight to the sunshine of people power. The two are supposed to be the same thing but I believe there's been confusion on this matter in recent times. The internet, a mass communications system like no other before it, is going to highlight and correct this misunderstanding. That you can read this means destiny has made you part of that process. Use the power granted to us by the technology of our age and defend those who agree to defend us. Articulate to your peers this thought and ultimately force Governments to treat our armed forces with the respect they deserve. 

Referendum before war!


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